January 14th, 2007

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I had dreams of Akiha. Akiha from the drama (even though I've only seen him at the very end of the intro for the drama.) and drama Umeda was wandering through my dreams. *sobs* No, really this isn't funny... and I have all of this energy in myself for the series and absolutely NO outlet. I can't even think of anything to write fandom-wise. I can't make decent icons (yeah this icon was great last night, but in the morning it lost it's charm.. I WANT the ability to text). It also doesn't help that the song is the most addictive song on the face of the planet and I find myself putting it on repeat over and over.

This drama is made of Fun and Win. I hope that an anime of HanaKimi comes out, because you know that'd be totally awesome. I'd love to see Umeda animated. *ramble ramble ramble* I know I have nothing else to talk about, well really I do.. like the new RP that me and shuufish are doing (wow, it's wierd to write that and -not- 'mishakel7'.) The RP features dragon riders, gryphon riders and all of that fun stuff. I am going to be responding to the post after I get this journal entry all nice and typed up.

Myself and shuufish are doing matching userinfos in a way.. she's going to do Gojyo for the next month (to coincide with my Hakkai.) and then when she changes her userinfo, I'll go along with her and match her choice. It'll be turn taking! WHEEE!

*pines for episode 5 of HanaKimi* I am SO close to going onto youtube and watching the raws.. but then I realize that I shouldn't.. that I should be patient and wait for the actual subs. Patience is a virtue that I can usually subscribe to... *kerthuds* Okay I'm officially done with this post, I'll be going to work soon in order to spend a LOVELY day. However I don't work tomorrow so I'm going to come home and have a few drinks. (just like I did tonight) though Dominic isn't in to work today so that's a plus.. things get done when he's not around.
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