January 11th, 2007

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

HanaKimi Squeeage

Well I watched episode 4 of HanaKimi last night. I was even more impressed by it (and by Umeda).

Everything about this Umeda speaks perfection. I mean I can't portray to you how much of a Mei-Tian fangirl I -am-. And I can't believe that I was ambviliant toward him when I was watching the first episode. But no, he is absolutely perfect from when he tries to shove Mizuki out of his office to when he stuffs cotton in his ears to drone out the sound of Mizuki's crying that her brother was being unfair. He is so deliciously an asshole.. the eyes show that he is totally getting into the role and the way he inappropriately touches Mizuki's brother is priceless. Really he had Alexi and I in stitches (since my roommate is also a reader of the HanaKimi manga and his favorite character is Umeda as well).

Once I am sort of itching to see how Akiha is played out, because seriously I think that Umeda needs a perfect Akiha... someone to play off of Umeda. (okay and so I REALLY REALLY REALLY love the Akiha/Umeda pairing, we know this)

I like Sano in the drama more then I do in the manga but I like Mizuki in the manga better then I do the drama. Nanba, I like so much better in the manga as well.. but Nakatsu in the drama is PURE win. (and a cutie to boot) Umeda from both the drama and the manga are both PURE WIN! (I can't choose.. both are so very masterful.)

I'll have screencaps once I get my new computer and are able to switch the MP4 format to AVI so that I can screencap the episode. Really I could of done it on youtube, but the episode has so many motion shots that really Umeda needs to be caught in full motion without the annoying blur.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~I lied~

I figured out how I could take quality screencaps without using youtube. So just to share one screencap. One that I thought was preciously endearing.

Take a look at what Umeda has hugging his laptop. Yes it's a little plushie zebra. Isn't that the most adorable thing ever? Proving of course that Umeda is a big softie inside.. I bet Akiha sent it to him and his excuse would be that he is merely not going to waste energy in throwing the pathetic piece of crap away

More screencaps when I come home tonight, I promise.. and believe me the expressions for Umeda are doubly beautiful this time around.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Flood of Umeda/Mei-Tan from Ep 4, Pt 1 of 3~

And now with cute little quips to accompany the pictures. Enjoy and feel free to grab them for any iconing purposes, but a comment that you grabbed them would be nice. (Also uzukisaru do you happen to have the ending theme for the drama. I'd like to leech it off you if you'd be so kind! *thumbs up*)

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More to come. Commentary provided by my Umeda-muse, whom I never leave home without.
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