January 4th, 2007

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Every episode of HanaKimi I see, I am just so impressed. Of course the first episode was cheesy, and continuing episodes seem to be just as cheesy, but one thing that they have captured, it is Umeda and so everytime Mizuki goes into the doctor's office to talk to him, it makes me happy.. and the way he forces her out of his office in various ways, like trying to show her nude pictures or yelling really loudly, he's such an asshole. Can't wait until Akiha comes in.. that's going to be precious. AKIHA! (Akiha molesting senpai.. <3<3<3)

Umeda is a sexy beast.. and I'm using his icon in celebration of my love and extreme rabu~rabu!

Now I am reviewing all of my music that I downloaded this weekend and filtering the songs into my playlist (or at least the ones I like) and Hakkai and Gojyo had smut last night, it so wasn't planned however, both shuufish and I put them in a room together and they are guarenteed to be in each other's arms at a record time.

Also it is my life's mission to find a song for Al-Cid.. a song for him that Sigurd can't have.. because Sigurd has like 10.4 million songs, Al-Cid needs a sexy latin heat dancing song. *sobs* (don't you agree, Mish?) Of course sexy hip swinging music is like a dime a dozen.. so the search will be intensive. Larsa is helping (SPROFLE) I was inclined to use the whole "Don'tcha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me" song but then there were several muses who protested (Jin*coughs*)

Edit: I got Kat and Reynard added to the userinfo. Teri comes next. (once I get home from work)
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