December 31st, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Man, I'm itching to put my new and improved journal info up. But I can't.. well I can. Oh hell, I'm not sure. There are a few people missing from it but for the most part, it's in it's entirety. I should do a poll and see what people think, but seriously I have to go to work in under three hours. *BLAH* well only two more days til a day off. YAYNESS.

I'll be on tonight though barely, the gang is going to a bar. So I'm going too. I can't get drunk because I have to -work- tomorrow, (yeah that majorly sucks) so perhaps a couple of drinks and then I'm through. (It'll be coke and water for me after 10 pm.) I seriously don't want to hate myself on new years day.

Also, today is Fei and Citan's year wedding anniversary, Citan-muse wanted me to announce that, he's wibbly and happy. They all seem to like to pick holidays to marry on. (Though for Jin and Chaos.. April Fool's isn't -really- a holiday, it is just Jin's extremely strange sense of humor partnered with Chaos's inclinations.). Yes, and my birthday.. it's totally a holiday, in my mind. A fitting mindset for Hyuga and Sigurd's wedding day.. The next ones to be married... Gojyo and Hakkai.. and I know someone is going to try to work their way into getting married before Akiha and Umeda's wedding next year.

Woot! For everyone that I don't see tonight, happy new year! Don't do anything I wouldn't do. (though that's probably narrowing it down a bit.. at least or tonight)

I forsee overusing this icon, really I do.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


In retrospect, I decided that I couldn't unleash the userinfo at the start of the new year so I decided to release it early because I want my userinfo to see the first of year, so I decided to put it up. So the friend's & family section is no where NEAR complete, but that's alright... I got some people up there and I have plans to add alot more people. (the people who have the large banners are like family, there will be smaller banners made for everyone else on my flist) So if you are not up there, just wait your turn. I like how very clean and simple that it is.. and as I was saying, it no longer looks like a fangirl just up and puked my my userinfo. (this time I suppose it means she hit the toliet. Oh well... bad joke)

New and Improved Userinfo

And so Hakkai this year will be welcoming in the new year.

Also, the following people need to get back at me with their characters for they still need to get on my userinfo as their characters.

katimus_prime or tazer_bunny
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