December 24th, 2006

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Yay I have a new default icon. This is Raphael Santi from Kaken no Madonna. Of course he was one of the chief artists of the Rennissance, but it was fun to see him mangafied. I've always had a fondness for Italian painters. Shhh.

So anyways. I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I don't have to worry about anyone being offended, because quite honestly, the birth of Jesus has been bastardized these days due to the unrising of the great god of commericialism. I personally celebrate Yule and we've had our christmas gifts opening on Yule and therefore I and pimp_kitten are going to spend the entire day watching movies or something like that. We already spent the day drunk off our asses watching movies.

What did we watch?

The Devil Wears Prada
Beerfest <--- don't waste your time.. it was a la~me movie.
Click (seriously a very good movie, both Alexi and I were sobbing like babies, well I was.. he was sobbing like a grown man.)

We are taking a break from movie watching so I decided I'd pop on to tell everyone that I hope you realize the reason for this season. Whatever it is. If you are a Christian, then it's about Jesus (and what he would do). But for those of you who take no such stock in religion, remember that it's about treating people decently, and realizing that you are human, just like everyone else on this planet, you make mistakes and you move on. You appreciate the friends and family that you have, hold them close to your heart and enjoy the time spent with them.

Now i know that the Christmas season brings out the worst in people.. but sometimes, seriously, it can bring out the best in them too. Count your blessings.. and have a wonderful evening and an even more wonderful day.

Now I need to start working on the Hakkai-themed userinfo that I'm gonna have. *coughs*
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