November 21st, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Surfing on a Rocket~

So I had the best dream. It involved a deserted island, me, and ALOT of girls. Of course somehow I magically had short hair and all the girls were chasing me around.. and I even had to sort of hide from there. Alexi had been there at the very beginning of the dream.. but once the dreamscape started filling up with girls.. he made an exit..' hopefully he got lucky in his own dreams. I didn't.. I just flirted madly. *teehee* So yes, I was very reluctant to get out of bed this morning because of that dream. Luckily Shaoran wasn't cockblocking my dreams.. he perched at my pillow and didn't try to paw me awake at all. It's like he saw I was dreaming and was like "I guess I'll just let the alarm burst her bubble".

And boy did it burst my bubble.

I didn't get to kiss any.. must of been in direct porportion to how fast I was running.

Today I get to do the Commissary Order ALL BY MYSELF. *woot*

And after work, I get to pick up all things that we NEED for Thanksgiving.

Turkey - Check
Pumpkin & Apple Pie - Check
Olives - Check
Potatos - Need
Rolls - Need
Milk - Need
Stuff for Green Bean Casserole - Need
Gravy - Need
Squash - *might do something yummy with Squash*
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