October 21st, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


I'm too groggy to ramble, however I had an AWESOME time with destry (Zelly) and momo (Seify). The highlights of which being me and Seify calling Zelly an uke. (and occasionally a dirty whore), the jello that WAS NOT REALLY JELLO.. (from the china buffet), Zelly playing with my hair because she COULD (and getting splashed water on by Seify). Our insistance that Seify WAS Kaidoh. (because only a Kaidoh type would deny so vehmenantly that they were a Kaidoh type). Oh yes and, japanese guys in whore belts. (EMO KID CENTRAL AT THE MOVIE THEATER). I got to see Seify sit on Zelly's lap alot which appeased my voyueristic tendancies and then when we went and I was singing along, Seify called me a DORK many times. (it's Jack.. my walls fall for Jack).

Other truths.

1.) Zelly can't give directions, she tries to give them and she starts whimpering.
2.) I am quite chastised that the girl that I thought was cute at Goody's like 4 months ago, was actually Brittney (Squally). I remember remarking about it to Alexi that I thought she was cute on legs. You may tell her I said that, since I know all YOUNG (emphasis on young) girls like to be admired once in a while.
3.) Sakura is too young for Zelly.
4.) Seify is distressed by Jello STDs.
6.) Next time we are going to FORCE Talyn to come with us. And plan WAY THE FUCK AHEAD. That way we have four girls traumatizing the people of Boise.
5.) Right now I need breakfast. *thuds*
*yes I realize that 6 comes after five, but this is my list so NYAH!

I believe we suitably traumatized Boise temporarily. I did see alot of guys with lip rings, that made me think of Jin. *heh's*
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Hyu/Balsamic Vinegar = OTP

I am officially in love with Balsamic Vinegar. I detest vinegar.. but somehow balsamic makes it ALL better. I want to get some balsamic vinegrette for salad.. I'd probably eat alot more of it if I had that yummy stuff. Mmm this has been brought to you by BREAD DIPPING OILS