October 15th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Dear Ghost Writer of V.C Andrews.

Your stuff.. yeah, it's shit! Complete and utter shit. It really isn't even an excuse anymore. Once upon a time the V.C Andrew books were adult novels that were guilty pleasure reading for young teens such as I. The books now, they are obviously made for preteens because the plots have absolutely NOTHING to hold attention save for teenage wangst and OMGIAMGOINGTHROUGH PUEBERT AND EVERYONEHATESME. The old heroines of the V.C Andrews books.. yeah they kicked ass. But every heroine after Ruby just makes me want to throw up. (Okay, so I will admit, that I did like Willow too.. but not Melody or Rain).

I wasted all of about 2 minutes reading excerpts from the book and I seriously want my money back.. and I didn't even BUY the fucking book.

I bet V.C Andrews is rolling in her grave. You took an author who's specialty was in complex plots, excellent dialouge and suspense.. and you bastardized her and her name. Turned it into crappy penny-tracks. I am seething with indignance right now. I hope you rot in the mounds of money that you are making from prepubscent little girls.

(Troy/Heaven is my V.C Andrews OTP *because it's kinda hard to slash people in V.C Andrews book.. and Logan/Troy would just make me cry.. like alot*)
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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That was the first all day RP fest me and Mish have had in a LONG time.

It was fun! >.> Poor Jeriah, got suckered in because Sigele is just THAT damned cute. His acute shyness can't hold up to 5 year old girl adorable-ness.

We'll see how long he'll be able to pretend that Jakob doesn't exist. Anyone (Mish) want to take any bets?

Mat? Yeah, he's evil. Any wonder that he's a lawyer? Oh yes, Roni? Evil's accomplice.. Lawyer/Lawyer.. for the win!
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