October 10th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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I am at work and posting since Jean isn't going to be here today (hunting season) and Suk willfully tosses me out of the kitchen area when I even try to help. The deposits have been made as well as the cash drawers and so that leaves me with a little bit of time to just ramble. To be said, I sort of echo myaru's sentiments about LJ. This is nothing more then a sounding board, I've grown out of my attention whoring ways. (2 years ago, to have all the people on my flist, yes.. that was because I liked being popular, now not so much.. though I do like the occasional comments because it makes me feel shiny.) LJ now isn't about being popular, it's about sharing my ideas and the whatnot, and if I get a comment, I expect it to be not because you feel like you should comment, or if I espect it, but rather because you have something to add to what I've already said. Mindless drones are good, but only when I am starting my New World Order (we are going to call it Solaris, to be completely unoriginal).

This weekend was spent doing nothing in particular. On friday night I got drunk with Yo, that was good. We watched X-men (in which we both agreed that Magneto and the Professor.. yeah gay for each other). Then we burst into song with the oldie but goodie, "The Little Mermaid", finally rounding it out with 10 episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger force. I woke up with a hangover even though I only had two drinks.. and was miserable the majority of saturday

I also felt myself get a little bit sick to my stomach, so I had to take care of that.. (Pepto bismo.. yeah I feel positively geriatric.). But alot of fun was spent RPing -and- I finally got caught up in Bleach. (That takes care of Bleach for another week or two).

I'm going to be posting up an event for therosemansion once I have typed it up HTML form onto wordpad. (My virgoean mind needs the organization.) and it'll be worth a solid point, but it will also involve SHARING.

Also it is a known fact that it takes at least 5 times for someone to get a fact into Suk's head. That was me this morning trying to tell Suk that the sign on the oven meant not that it was in use, but rather that the bowling was taking that oven off our hands. Oiya, today is going to be fun.

So how is everyone?

Signing off, Nia
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Note for pimp_kitten;

I'm going to bed and I have a headache. I got the litter box when I got home from work today, so it should be good to go, however if you feel the need to re-empty it... go right ahead. But I just wanted to tell you that I did it when I got home.