October 5th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Every time your soul awakens..~

First of all... my dreams last night, were INTERESTING.

1.) Jin was in my dream.. but really they weren't Jin, they were photographs of Jin.. and then there was one of short-haired Jin.. and then I was like, "That's not Jin.. cutting his hair would be a sign of dishonour.." (even though realistically speaking, I know that his hair was shorter in this game then in II.) So yes, I got to pour through pictures of him and be like -squee-.. this happened roughly 20 minutes before my alarm went off for me to get up.

2.) Dreamt I was smoking, I have been getting those dreams quite often. But I don't need to smoke and I know it, that cigarette in California, shared with the companionship of silencescreams and pimp_kitten was truly perfect. (yes, Nicole, Hyu and Alexi Commune must be made NOW)

3.) The kicker.. oh the kicker. In my dream, I was making out with TAMAKI. I don't get the hetero dreams often, really I don't.. but for some reason I was cuddling with Tamaki and he was posing. When I woke up, Kyouya charged me 10,000 yen for cuddling with Daddy. *pouts* He said it doesn't come free.


And on a completely seperate note. WHERE IS MY ICON INSPIRATION! *cries* My mind is telling me I won't be happy until I delete all of my journal icons and start all over again.. BUT NOOOOOO! *sobs*

And oh, Jin and Shion's father.. yes, I play the bastard card on that one. Jin evidentally gets his looks from his father, though I'm not sure if Aoi Uzuki is Jin's MOTHER. If you look in the database, Suoh, Jin and Shion link up just fine.. but when you read Aoi's entry, it only says she gave birth to Shion. I wonder if it is possible that Jin had -another- mother. Of course it might be a simple exclusion, but I just thought it was interesting when I tried to find mention of Jin on Aoi's entry.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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To funny not to share.

*Alexi as he is watching the intro to D-greyman.*

"Chaos.. what are you doing here?"
"Sigurd.. what are you doing here?"
"Citan.. what are you doing here?"

and then at the end.

"Oh my god, it's Drawn Together"