September 22nd, 2006

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fannish5 | What are your favorite action/fight scenes?

1.) (Saiyuki) Hakkai and Gojyo tag-teaming Gojyo's kidnappers (after Banri flakes out). Oh yes that's hot
2.) (Xenogears) Id against Solaris. (Folks, it's a losing battle. Solaris is -going- to lose.)
3.) (Naruto) Rock Lee against Gaara. (The battle that successfully caused my JAW to drop and clinch Rock Lee as a badass)
4.) (Bleach) Shunsui and Ukitake against Yama-jiji. (Friends help you out and then promise to hide the bodies afterwards)
5.) (Xenosaga II) Jin against Marguis. (Jin is so damn cocky in this battle and that's why I like him)