September 12th, 2006

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I've been up for an hour now, and I still feel somewhat like crap. That consumption is kicking my ass, *hack hack coughcough* Well on the PLUS side, at least I'm not coughing blood. (For all of those who are new to my Flist and think I -really- have consumption.. of course I don't! It just feels like that sometimes.) This means that Ukitake muse is feeling fine, because when I am coughing, he is generally out and laughing. This is really no fun. NONE NONE NONE! *you'd think it'd be the other way around, he is consumpty while I am* So yes, if I start coughing blood.. I'll inform everyone.

Stayed up way too late last night but I think it was worth it in a way, didn't drag my ass out of bed until later this morning. I don't have soda, that's probably one of it. Alexi took the last soda and hence leaving me nothing in terms of caffinated beverages. (I'm prodding him to make some coffee now.. but in fact he's going out to get me soda. *happy wibbles*). I have alot that's happened and I realize that I've been posting about alot of therosemansion stuff, and I apologize for that, I just couldn't think of very much else but that and with cooperation getting that out there as quickly as possible. So as this dies down, I'll probably cease mentioning it gradually and gradually.

Work last night doesn't bear mentioning, mainly because you know I come back to work all optimistic. And then what does Stephanie do. She fudges up.. (and in a fairly major way.) So I just give up my energy on her. (and guilty to say the least, when I tabulated the tips that the people left on their charge cards, I doled it out between myself and Bruce and refrained from giving her any.. just beccause tips are given to us because we provide good service with a smile.. and when she cops attitudes with customers, I do not feel as if she is deserving of them).

I am all about good people relations and customer service. Ironically enough I am predominately an introvert. >.>

Wow, this song brings back memories. It's a song that I associate with Magus Bainbridge. (if only because yes, I've been guilty of killing off original characters. But they never really STAY dead.. EVER).

Magus Bainbridge is the golden boy of my original muse box. >.> He can't really do any wrong. Amazing how much he and Ukitake are alike.

We need to do the Daily Download. >.>
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