September 11th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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It's only after seeing the following picture that my Bart Muse declares that his ass is the damn most fine ass in the C-box.

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It is also after the following picture that my Bart muse starts singing "Hips don't Lie". (Oh please god don't let Mish's Billy muse kill us! *cowers*)

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Oh dear god, what has he started. -_-
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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There you are. Now we have to sort of figure out ways to make the community pretty. I know that _disi_ wanted to work on the layout. And I'm expecting we'll have this up shortly. *nods*

Many of you will be invited to join it once it comes up. (in fact join it now if you want). I would like to think that you can have a rose family in both soeur_system -and- therosemansion but even I am not idealistic enough. After all that banning, I am sure that people are going to be walking on eggshells anyways. So well there it is, it's a humble effort to get back our garden.. but I think it'll work.

It might be a little bit rocky at first, but all mighty rose bushes start out a bit small, right?

The Moderators are going to be Grande Soeurs. Not exactly a council but we're going to have all our bases covered in terms of there being many different people that an individual can go to in the system. So if a member has a problem with me per se, then they can go to either Cymosa or any of the other Mods who can then bring up the problem with me. All of the Mods will be mediators in essence which I believe will faciliate the communication process.

Also I decided not to make it the Soeur Registry but rather the Rose Registry. This is just so that we are not placing version two's everywhere. (And for many of us, the term soeur system sounds off some negative connotations, we'll still be soeurs.. but the Rose Registry sounds like something that we adopted after departing from the old system.) *How I wanted rose_revolution -sob-*

So there, those are my very brief thoughts. Once again.. existing Families are invited to come over as well to put in their own plots of earth. I want to stress that everyone will be welcomed by the Rose Families, and quite honestly.. the book is closed for us regarding soeur_system and mushii. The book is closed on them, and to speak further on the situations will give that same situation power over us. And rob us of our freedom.

That being said, whoever joins.. there will be no spatting upon of the previous system. Sure, a great many people were unfairly banned but when we look toward the past overmuch, we can't concentrate on the future. I want absolutely no one in this registry that is going to do anything to rub it into the other system's face that we've branched out and started our own thing. I am quite confident that we are all mature individuals.

Also, this being said. I would like to thank tabimendou because while we still got banned, I found her willingness to listen and communicate was something that I admired, and how she emailed my bouton. Her Oneesama is definitely a lucky individual and I think that tabimendou is one of the best moderators that I think that I've seen anywhere. And as long as moderators like her exist, I believe that there -is- hope for change. I admire her though not only as a moderator but as a friend, and I hope that she feels the same way about me, because I truly do not want there to be any hard feelings between us.

That being said, let the Mad Garden Orgiesgames begin! (and spread the word!)

-Rosa Omeiensis
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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therosemansion therosemansion therosemansion therosemansion therosemansion therosemansion therosemansion therosemansion therosemansion therosemansion therosemansion therosemansion

Userinfo is done!~ Thank you silencescreams for your hard work, also thank you shuufish and _disi_. Your hard work is appreciated! ^_^ *bounces*

If you are even remotely curious, go over and check it out. A knowledge of Maria-sama ga Miteru is helpful, but you don't -have- to see the anime to participate. I am once again very proud of how quickly and smoothly this is going. *preens*

*sighs happily*

Edit: You can probably find episodes of Marimite (Maria-sama ga Miteru) on youtube for those TRULY curious.
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