August 22nd, 2006

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Once again, Clamp wins points for making the Kuro/Fai pairing even more canon. (I mean quite honestly, it's getting to the point where Kuro/Fai almost equal Yukito/Touya and Subaru/Seishirou. (I wonder what this is doing to the het-shippers. *who seems positively militant with the Kuro/Fai implications.*) But seriously. Clamp is Clamp. Not a series goes by where at least ONE couple is male/male or female/female. I don't expect Tsubasa to be any different.

Really, when someone goes, "OMGFAIANDCHIIAREDOINGIT WAAII FAI AND KUROGANEISSOWRONG". I am inclined to laugh. I don't say anything, I just laugh. That's usually sufficient enough to get my point across. Like what you like, I'll like what I like.. but keep in mind that every time you bash a pairing and I remain silent, you are just making yourself look stupid and I am laughing at you while you are doing it.

I'm not saying that Fai and Kurogane are canon (certainly not in the sense that Yukito and Touya shout homosexual life partners for the WORLD to hear) but I am saying that there are some pretty heavy implications that makes what I feel -valid-.

And insolency wins at my nets. And theladygoddess may fondle my boxers!
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