July 25th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Graaaaaaaaaa~ah, this morning is setting up to be something good.

The setting on the dryer was DELICATES. What, I ask, could possibly constitute delicates in pimp_kitten's laundry load. Can't we have it set permanantly to Regular? Because it's kinda annoying when I have an hour until work, I walk over expecting to have warm jeans.. AND THEY ARE STILL SOGGING. (Now I have to wear freezing jeans to work, as well as wet undergarments. *graaaaaaaaaa~~ar*). *and believe us, NEITHER of uses anything that would constitute delicates I.E Linen, lace, nylon and the whatnot*

Setting = Regular


Now I'm going to go wash my face and perhaps pour hot water on my jeans.. that might be an improvement.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Wow this turned into a rant~

That is so not a typical style for me.. but I have fallen in love with the exclusion setting and I am tickled if but for playing with it, I also did three other 'very similar' versions of it, basically all that it had changed on it was text placement and the whatnot. Granted, once again that is not my usual thing, but I like how that brings it together and warms it up. And the look on Aoki's face.. tis priceless. He looks almost as if he has never been caught holding a woman's heel before. *snickers*

Once again, it is not about following trends or winning in icontests. It's about loving what you put out (as jaydesummers so succiently put it). I don't give birth to these icons to enter them into contests and if people want to use them, then fine. I just love the creation process that comes out with each icon, the little tweaks that make them 'just perfect' in my icons. Sure my icons are not perfect to and for everyone, but they are perfect to me and that's all I really need to be happy about

The entire four icons I made of Aoki will be put up at soylent_icons (eventually)

Edit: Also, know who I think are assholes? People who trash another person for writing an essay about their particular fandom, an essay that is clearly from THEIR point of view and with the little wankers citing it as "not really the truth' or 'earth logic lolololol' and otherwise trolling the thread. D'uh.. that is why it's called fandom.. and you my good friend evidentally put the 'dumb' in it. *wow, was I mean.. no not me*

Shut up. If you have something to say then write your OWN DAMN ESSAY.

The same goes for people who trash the icons of beginners because they think themselves 'elitist' and god's gift to iconists. Instead of telling them that they LOST an icon-test and that they should study the work of pro's *i.e referring to yourself, you fucking loser*, try accentuating the positive. It's not that hard to give people some positive encouragement without stroking your icon-cock. (And believe me 100x100 pixels.. please, it's not that big of an icon-cock.)

I posted a yaoi rant to insolency yesterday that was alot of fun in writing.
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