July 15th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Just another Saturday.. Caturday!~

I am currently "Holy Blood Holy Grail" which is evidentally the book that inspired the DaVinci Code to being written. It is an INCREDIBLY fascinating book, non-fiction and a very controversial book. Of course I have been interested in the reasoning behind the DaVinci Code and he (Dan Brown) wrote that the Priory of Sion DID exist and this is merely the historical account. Sometimes I go really geeky and all I want is a good history book, it must be my absolute hard-on for history of any kind (Well okay I am not so big of a fan of american history.. so bite me.)

That's all I am doing today, I might get myself a croissant sammich when 11 o'clock strikes. I am feeling so much better today and I woke up and I had both Shaoran and KyuuJyuu curled up on my bed. It was nice! (And Meilin once again crawled into my bed and under the covers.. I don't know what's gotten into her but she definitely needs her nails groomed because she was kneading her nails into my shoulder and it was PAINFUL).
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Meme gacked from pimp_kitten~

Name 12 fictional characters you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same explain why.

1.) Sigurd Harcourt (Xenogears): One of the few guys that will make it onto my fuck list. My reasoning is because he's just that sexy.. one of the sexiest canonically gay characters EVER. From his white chaps to that chocolate skin and the glimmering blue eyes.. not to mention the belly ring. If I thought I'd even have a chance of hoping into the sack with him, you'd better believe that I'd do it. Gods damn you Clio Saga for designing such a humpable male. *shakes fist*

2.) Haruhi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya): Seriously it is her forthright personality, she'd definitely boss me around and really I do not mind it that (waves the "Virgo - the Zodiac's Doormat" flag). She's just hot and I (along with pimp_kitten really enjoyed her fanservice-y moments. Haruhi would make me happy to be a willing slave for her.

3.) Shizuru (Mai-Hime): I have a tendancy of falling for the batshit ones. Shizuru is just fucking awesome. From the pose that she strikes when she is conquering Juliet's Child, to the way that she just sort of decimated a small neighborhood in Tokyo. If I were Natsuki, I would be over her in a heartbeat.

4.) Yuuko (xxxholic): She can be insanely devious or she can be happy and utterly cute and adorable as she is drinking her ass off. I really do not think that I would mind playing with her, because any sex that would be to be had would be amazingly creative and perhaps a little bit twisted, and no.. I seriously don't mind, she can use that scroll for OTHER PURPOSES.

5.) Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden): See the clause for BATSHIT INSANE. I don't care that she is a doll.. this is my fantasy world. (Oh what I wouldn't give to be her twin, really). Girly in her frilled dress, yet with an amazingly deceptive mind and not above always trying to get what she wants.. but she really does care, she just doesn't like to admit it.

6.) Utena Tenjou (Utena): Wow, what can I say.. she's noble but with a bit of naivete, courageous and willing to do anything to help her friends. Not to mention she looks good in red hot pants, and even better when she is cross dressing as a male. Can I saw MEOW!

7.) Urd (Oh My Goddess): Remember how I had a white hair, dark skinned fetish? Well this is personified in her. She's very much a Sigurd in female form and oh gods, how I would definitely do her, attractive and her many outfits are inspired to make men (and me) drool. And she has that carefree attitude that basically flips off the human race. She'll do what(whom) she wants when she wants and no one can stop her. Oh Urd.. *swoons*

8.) Tomomasa/Hisui (Harutoki no Naka De): The other male(s). They count as the same because I would obviously want the two at the same time. Hisui is the pirate-king incarnation of the general Tomomasa. And they are voiced by Inoue Kazuhiko. I would insist that they sing while they do what they do because of the very fact of the voice. And really that is the voice. (And I am convinced that if Sigurd had a voice actor, it would HAVE to be Inoue Kazuhiko). So yes, sing on.. sing on those sweet songs of LO~VE.

9.) Rangiku (Bleach): No, I am not looking at her breasts.. though they would make nice pillows. I choose her because she's playful and fun, like a large kitten. I like that, and I wouldn't mind being smothered and teased by her either.. in fact I wouldn't mind being Hitsugaya (or my Nanao muse).

10.) Shion Uzuki (Xenosaga): This is a given, really I should just flash you a picture and that would pretty much explain it all. Uzuki but with a hint of fire to her.. there are certain entities that abound that are positively squicked by my picking her, but damn.. it's Shion! She's to me the ultimate Nerd-babe with her wrench in one hand and wearing hot pants and a halter top. What could be hotter then that?

11.) Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop): At first you think she's a silly and manipulative female.. but then you realize that she has alot more depth to her, touching depth that makes you want to wrap your arms around her and kiss her vulnerabilities away. Most of why I love Faye is not because of her obviously gorgeous body, but the complexities that are so inherent in her mind. I find complexities vastly sexy.

12.) Tsunade (Naruto): I seem to pick the ones with large breasts it seems. This is purely a coincidence. But well Tsunade being picked as the 5th Hokage, well power is sexy as well.. not to mention the fact that she can't hold her liquor and she has the worst luck in gambling, but she's proven time and again that she can be serious when the time arises and she doesn't hesitate to do it. When she is at her most serious, that is when she is at her sexiest.. I think.
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