July 6th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Here is a list of what happened today. (Really eventful in a not-so-eventful way).

Went to bed last night with a splitting migraine. That was after someone attempted to hack into my computer. My keyboard refused to work after the fact so I had to plug in Alexi's keyboard. No more hacking attempts and so I vowed to get myself a new keyboard. *Alexi's keyboard.. I am sorry but it kinda sucks. I need my media keyboard where I can control everything on my computer from my keyboard*. Woke up with a crick in my neck and a slight headache but nothing that wasn't manageable.. and an email from ATHENA GRUNDLER. This bears only relevance to me since she was a high school friend, but I was surprised nevertheless. I emailed her back.

Went to work which despite being taco thursday was a great deal more manageable. The headache went away for the duration of Taco Thursday and I had a bit of fun on the grill. I also moved with a sense of urgency which of course was what Suk liked. (Suk is easy to get along with.. just stroke her ego.. ALOT and make sure that she knows that you definitely have her back). Then I went to BX and bought myself some Green Tea herbal lotion, some Amber Fantasy (victoria secret brand) hand lotion (so I have stuff that reminds me of Hyuga and Sigurd), as well as some green tea astringent for my face so that it doesn't get greased out at the pizza and fryers. Oh yes and a keyboard! Then I came home to veg for an hour before I had to take the final two cats into the vet.

Shaoran and Violetta were easy to lure into the carrier (using the unfair advantage of kitty treats which they hopped in to investigate after which I shut the door to the carrier). The hot vet assistant wasn't there today *sad.. because she was gorgeous and as kind as a button and I wouldn't of minded talking to her again* but anyways Shaoran and Violetta were taken there, they got the awesome Dr. Knight (so did Laguna, Shadow, Kero & Meilin as well). And poor Shaoran didn't want anyone to touch him, so at least he is still mommy's little badass. *there was hissing, it was glorious.. and just because Shaoran didn't want the dr. to open his mouth* Violetta was calm and gentle as usual..much too elegant to kick up a fuss. But finally the vet ordeal was over and I put the carrier back in a place where the cats could not see it and then I treated them all to soft food and I am now looking forward to a nice and calm evening.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Pictures of Alexi's costumes for Alexi's reference~

There you are, Alexi! Posted for your pleasure!

Hey girl! Watch out for that tentacle rape monster!!
Pre-prep. (yes, my roommate is a cutie. Dimitri is the nimwit in the back wearing emo-glasses.. but he's pretty cute too)
A 'nameless' Iruka and Alexi who was a Demon that year (When we went to Kentucky)
A closeup of Alexi's mask.. *but I know where I'm looking >.>*

There. I posted this for everyone to go Oooh and Ahhh over. pimp_kitten makes the best halloween costumes! (he was the one who made the Chuunin vest since I have absolutely no sewing skills whatsoever)
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