July 5th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Everything you need to guide you~

I had to post this icon because I made it, this is really only something that I think applies to my Hyuga muse and shuufish's Sigurd muse. They are big fans of The Moody Blues and the song that was the basis for this icon is really masterful. Now I need an icon for Citan and Fei. (that is really in the works... but I need to find a picture that I want for it.. but it has to be one that is reminiscent of what I think the dynamic between them are... and while I like the Citan/Fei-shotaesque doujinshi.. that's not the muse dynamic. And that is really important that I have to capture it.) Ah but enough about icon making, there are a few things that I could talk about over and over again.. iconing is one of them.

Today is not Taco Thursday BUT IT IS Club Member Special Day. Which means five dollar pizzas. Lots of them. I'll be thoroughly indoctrinated into Pizza making. WHEE! *cheers* I also have to take Kero and Meilin into the vet today. (I am hoping that it will be easy... but knowing my luck.. I'll be chasing them around EVERYWHERE.) Really an eventful day.. so by the time 5 o'clock rolls around, I will be BEGGING for some time to just BE.

And "Take Me As I Am" is definitely a Hyuga song. Sometimes I am amazed by how songs just click into place. A world without music would be a tragedy.

Oh yes, I slepped crappily. That is why I re-set the clock to wake me up at eight. I have decided that Mondays and Fridays I will get up at 8 am. I will afford myself that extra hour of sleep.
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