July 4th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Muse talk again~

Funny story today.

I was on the phone with Mish before she had to go into work.   And something was mentioned about me kicking the shit out of someone for her.   And then suddenly Jin pipped up "I'll beat him with a pipe".   and hence, Jin's chain gang was formed.  (it so did not help that Ukitake declared himself the den mother for the gang.. which means there will be alchohol..  AND COOKIES.)    And from what has been said, the chain gang roughly is a melding between a gang and a boy scout troop.  (Because you know, Jin and Ukitake are THAT hardcore.. *not*).

Hijinks ensue!

I know there was not a whole lot of muse rambling but now that Mish and I have reconnected most of our muses without really RPing for the time being.. they've slowly started to come back and be a hell of a lot more active then they had been previously.    Sigele and Heyven are out and having a cute little date now, and after that Jin and Chaos (since really, Jin's birthday on May 4th was a bit.. whacked.   It ended on many sour notes that wasn't the muses fault)

Now I am going to get dressed and go to Boise, and then I am going to get drunk when I get back from Boise, because I will not have another chance to get drunk in a LONG time.

BTW Hakkai likes Gojyo's station.   He listens to the station and says that all of what is playing definitely feels like Gojyo.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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I also realize that everyone needs a Fai icon.

There is my Fai icon. Taken from the song by Jason Mraz. "The Remedy". I am very impressed with it. (I go through phases with colours.. most of my current icons have had yellow undertones. Just like previously it was blue.. and then before that pink, and then before that green. I think this corresponding colours has everything to do with where I am at mentally wise. I've been in a very 'yellow' mood.

And no, no one can take this Fai icon. There are a million Fai icons everywhere. THIS IS MINE!
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