July 2nd, 2006

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Muse stats for Pandora Internet Radio

1.) Ukitake is the easiest to please. He likes happy lyrics but anything with a really good danceable beat he really digs
2.) Citan is the hardest to please and if it doesn't strike him immediately, he forwards through it.
3.) Jin and his girl type have extremely different tastes. Jin likes Jamiroquai, and Jian adores Poe
4.) Umeda likes 80s music and music that reminds him of Depeche Mode (New Order, Beborn Beton, etc..)
5.) Hyuga is the one most likely to sit through the whole song before making a judgement.. but when he likes a song, he usually emotionally attaches himself to it. (though he was a miffed when one of his songs appeared in Jin's playlist.) Also Hyuga is the one most likely to get me to obsessively download music from an artist that he's really digging.

This is really fun. You all should try linking up your music to your muse and see exactly -what- you come up with.