June 21st, 2006

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Last night I made TWO keeper icons.

- Ouran Host Club (Tamaki/Kyouya) (*couldn't resist*)

and finally.. my bitch!kaoru icon.

- (because "I'll cut you" is something that Alexi and I both frequently say when we are talking for Meilin (we are idiots and 'talk' for our cats), because it's always said in the cutest way possible,
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Yahoo is being wonky! Am I the only one this is happening to?

I would hate to have to smack it down. *heh's*

I am feeling a whole lot better then last night, last night I had the short end of the exhaustion stick. I know that when I got home from work I did snap at Alexi a little bit (which I am really sorry for) and then I sort of burrowed myself in doing things online for the next two hours before I had to go to sleep. (but I didn't end up sleeping, I ended up taking hot shower). A little situation happened, but it is all well and good now (I hope), it just makes me remember how wonky I can be when I am tired. In a way, having people put up with you is a gift from the gods, really it is. I know I was being difficult and I also know that I probably was in the wrong.

Kaoru wanted to say briefly though that his Omi is the only one who can kiss him without being decked. (referring back to what happened before other things happened). How very cute, I love Kaoru-muse, he's always amusing. Especially when he and Hyuga start randomly talking. Hyuga though says that he's never had to deck anyone because no guy other then Sigurd has tried to kiss him.. however he's sure he'd have the same reaction if like Kahr came up and tried to kiss him randomly.. he's not so certain that he could deck Jesiah without being decked back... okay muse introspection needs to stop.. now. (at least before I go into work)

Muses always love the ones they choose to be with I have noticed. I think it's sweet.
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Watching Princess Princess 10.. who all had the impression that Mikoto's girlfriend is a lesbian? Let me get a show of hands here. The very fact that she was ALL over Mikoto when Mikoto was in the dress makes me think that she was like, "OMG DRESS! GIRL! MOLEST". Poor Mikoto, well just as long as he dresses up as a girl, he'll keep his girlfriend happy, at least until the 5th date.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Screencap of NANA courtesy episode 10. The lyrics taken from T.A.T.U's "All About Us". Excellent song, if you haven't listened to it, you should.

You know I should of saved the original as a base. Ah well.

Edit: and about people that add me to their FList that are TROLLS. Well I don't care, it only serves to make me look more popular on LJ land with my "friend of" because like I'm ever going to add them back.. EVER! (normally I don't care how popular I look on LJ land, because really.. I'm not.)
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