June 20th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Kiss kiss fall in love~

Well the decongestant is starting to work. I actually woke up feeling very good. However I think part of that was due to, well I honed this power of my own. Some may call it crazy but it's been proven to work. If I want something to happen enough, (and by want I mean need.. there will be no Sigurd's crossing over time/space video game realities to jump into my bed... *would be shot for that, yes*) all I have to do is focus ALL my energy on the chant and concentration. It knocks me out -and- all my energy directs itself in a fashion toward what it is that I am concentrating on (I.E the weather in San Francisco). It only happens in rare situations, that one knocked me on my ass ALL day. But well last night, I concentrated a warm energy all around my lung area and I kept doing that until I fell asleep. The results was that I slept uninterrupted and when I woke up, it was with my lungs feeling clear, and despite the occasional cough, I am not coughing every minute like last night. So the phlegm is starting to thin.. YAY!

Not to mention I feel pretty damn good. (We'll see how this goes though)

The changes of me clearing my throat are bigger then the chances of me spontaneously coughing.

Today is an 8 hour day for me. 5 hours this morning from 9 to 2 and then I come back in at 6 and stay until 9. Yo sounded desperate when she called me, and well I am not just going to just leave her hanging. (That's not right.. >.>)

So that is last night and today. I've been really iffy about updating, but considering yesterday was a real woozy (yay for training classes!). But night pay.. on cook's pay.. I SO HAVE NO REASON TO COMPLAIN (9.50 an hour! WOOT!)

And regarding the icon, I made it last night.

I have a really big soft spot for Michiru/Haruka. As well as Ami/Makoto. It's easy to please me with Sailor Moon (Yes, that manga is my yuri-fodder.)
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