June 12th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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You know, I made alot of icons this weekend. (They really need to increase the icon number for Permanent Account users. I could do with another 10 (or 50). So what if I have currently only 65 icons loaded up. (I think) Yes, I currently have 66 of 133 loaded up. I have 67 icons left. >.> One day, one day I will fill them all up.

This is not my normal morning post. However enjoy my new icon. Ami sure does like her pr0n! Though I am sure it is yuri.. in the sailor moon universe.. guys are kinda gross.


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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~I've paid my dues time after time~

Okay so it's a bit of war between Stephanie and I now.

I was officially promoted today. (though my pay doesn't reflect in this paycheck, but rather it will on the 24th) And so I was doing things and I utterly showed up Stephanie. I mean REALLY bad. As in I was making three steak sandwhiches in a row and I was done with my steak sandwhiches before she was finished with one burger. (It's called time management, if you have ever made a really large dinner *like thanksgiving or christmas dinner* then you will know how to layer the cooking on top of each other so that everything comes out at roughly the same time). It makes sense because you don't want things to get cold.

So Stephanie gets huffy. And then I go back to my register because I still do the cashier job too. So she comes over and someone wanted chili and cheese on their hot dog so she basically walks over to the cheese station and starts to put the chili on. I stop her because I had a problem with her doing this same thing a few months ago. I tell her that the Chili needs to be put on the hot dog (I know this because I omfg RANG it up). And what does she do? She goes "Well I'll put it on both." as if she can't be bothered to look at the ticket. And right as I tell her that some customers are VERY specific about their orders, she does it. She splatters that chili all over that hot dog and tots in some sort of symbolic 'fuck you'. And then says that if they have a problem, they can come to her.

Oh, we don't play this way with me.. I have ways to be so horridly mean and condescending. I adopt that 'better then you' solarian attitude. So I printed up reciepts, one to display how it looked when one wanted chili cheese on their tots, and then one to look like how it would if one wanted it on their fries or tots. Then I placed it RIGHT underneath her cup. I even put little helpful notes to illustrate my point along with the final note that essentially said in polite terms that mistakes can be forgiven but insubordination and poor customer service in lieu of laziness CAN NOT.

When she left work, she left the note laying RIGHT on the counter. So what did I do? I had Jean, my supervisor, tape the note to her locker.

Let me clarify. You can be a complete and utter BINT with NO PERSONALITY but you can do your work well and I will get along fine with you. Stephanie just happens to be a complete and utter bint with no personality who is also coincidentally as lazy and slow as fuck. Hence why I refrain from speaking more then five words to her a day. One messes with me, one messes with the wrong person. My Virgo tempers my Scorpio ascendant most of the time.. UNTIL it comes to work (which is important to a virgo) and then the virgo stands aside for the Scorpio and goes "Ahahaha have at it, my good chap"
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Icon Meme~

I am opening up the request lines. Or rather re-opening the Icon Meme.

~Post a picture, any picture (link or one you actually uploaded).. and I will try my hardest to make an icon out of it for you. Now granted... you have NO SAY over the text or anything, I use my creative liscense to do it. However you have say over the icon once I make it, unless you give it up to soylent_icons, then the icon is yours to do what you want with and no one else may use it~ *but you still have to credit me*

Alright, I am not good with these memes but I usually at least try to do the top five. >.>

Anime images are okay, manga images are preferred. I like having alot of options, the blanker the canvas, the better.
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