June 8th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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That was 12 hours of my life that I probably won't get back.

But in retro-spect, I don't think I want those hours back since I was more exhausted then I thought. Once my head touched the pillow, I was out. Yesterday was purely exausting because of five dollar pizza day, the doctor's appointment and then Jean asking me to stay late (and as I told several people, when it comes to work.. I can't turn down co-workers... I hate to feel like I am letting people down.. especially coworkers and customers) Yes, I do realize that it is going to be a long couple of weeks because of the fact that working around the clock is so fun, but it just means extra money for me. (And I do like money.. I do I do.)

Today is Taco Thursday though and that naturally means a rush. Just as much a rush as yesterday (though we had alot of calzones made yesterday.. I was impressed because we rarely sell them). I have to submit my paperwork to NAF regarding the physical which I will do once I get on base, I need to get gas and I need to mentally prepare myself tonight for the fact that tomorrow night it is just me and Cotton working the movie.

And all the while Jin is like, "Wow that Nyquil is good stuff.. you didn't even move from the time you took it to the time you woke up". That means I probably missed Jin harassing the other muses, I -did- wonder why Hyuga's door was locked firmly from the inside. Poor Hyuga gets the brunt of Jin's playfulness
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Til you, I was nothing but lonely nights~

Stuff to do today.

1.) Read NANA vol#3
2.) Oniisama E (okay, I am a lamer. Sainte Juste.. heshe is my favorite character tied with Kimi no Kaoru. Damn it why does Kaoru have to be straight! Because I'd lump them together, they are best friends anyway. *I'll still make fun of Saint Juste though... >.>*
3.) Work on my NANA icon to "And so it Goes" by Billy Joel. Someone suggested that I make that for both NANA's relationship. That's a pretty damn good idea. (Heyven also told me that she likes NANA.. she says that the story appeals to her)

It was busy at work. I had to do everything per usual. And Stephanie was just as difficult to work with, but at least favorite customers came in to visit (Trouble and Company is what I call them). I submitted my physical paperwork has been turned in and all I do now is wait for the formalization. I look forward to it, really I do because it means more money. And well more money is awesome.. it means the trip to Disneyland in September is all good to go. (Anyone live around the Anahiem area and want to spend time at Disneyland with both me and pimp_kitten? Come on, we aren't evil, we promise! We are also going to Six Flags Magic Mountain because I will not rest until I AM ALL ROLLER COASTERED OUT FOR THE YEAR!)

Now to rest my feet and mentally prepare myself for the weekend! (Ahahaha that I have to mentally prepare myself for a friday/saturday and sunday period of time.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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~after the end of volume 3 of NANA~


(no matter that I want to see some Nana/Hachi action.~)

*bricks him*

That has been my fannish squibbling. TEEHEE.

Edit: Yes, I LOATHE Shouji.
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