June 2nd, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Soylent Update~

Hikaru no Go (shounen-ai) x 1
Shadow Hearts x 1
Your Wings are Mine x 1
Final Fantasy x 2

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Your love is a verb here in my room~

Thank you all for taking my poll... I just wanted to have a feel for what people even liked. My preference is usually switch as well, though I will take the occasional full seme for myself. I tend to like to make my characters versatile. Even though in the end, for me, it is not about the smut but rather about the character interaction. (Though I've tried to call Jin a switch and he is just not having it, I think he secretly likes to call himself the alpha seme, and make Hyuga and Citan snort out their tea. This then could be just Jin looking for a reaction as would be the usual)

The muse box has been calm, just day to day things going on. Jin organizing his porn collection, Hyuga, Remus and Hakkai went out for breakfast (which makes a convoluted sort of sense.. all three are sort of scary in their own right). Ukitake has been prodding Yui into making food for him, *lots of it* and Umeda and Iruka got drunk last night and evidentally in the process declared that they were in love with their significant others. Unfortunately it is a sad fact that they had to be DRUNK to admit this. (When Akiha comes back, Umeda will just deny ever having said that..) Citan is in tinkering with his latest inventions and there is a period of patience which is thankfully very nice. A few want to write little drabbles, I will probably allow them this weekend.

This weekend is full. I have work through the weekend at the movie theater. Though luckily monday is not a full day (thankfully) I tried to arrange my schedule so I got monday and tuesday off at Pizza Etc (though I still have to go in for an hour on tuesday to help with the commissary order.. because it was either do that or have Stephanie do that, and really was I going to inflict Stephanie upon Jean? Nah, I'm not that mean.

And wow I must be really living under a rock because evidentally..

Jared Leto has a little band. (Link courtesy of mushii, the purveyor of all things wtf.)

I am disturbed and more then a little amused by it. Really click on the link, it's emo-kid fun!

Is everyone having a good friday?

Edit: Steve Conte, once again I have to say, is a fucking awesome musician
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~I'm out of reach, I'm talking.. it feels right~

I would just like to take this time to say.

I have been PROMOTED!

As of a week's time, I will no longer be a Cashier. I will be able to do cashier stuff, but I will be able to go into the back and cook things too. This means an extra 2 dollars in my paycheck. Not too shabby methinks. Yay! A winner is me!

I msged Mish to tell her the good news, haven't told pimp_kitten because he wasn't here when I got home, so I guess I'll just tell all my LJ buddies!

Dancing on air, am I. I like the idea of more pay for a job that I -can- do.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Love my way~

Created because I have another Akiha icon where he does not have a nose

Poor Akiha, all he wants is a nose! We miss him! Umeda made me make it. Because he thinks Nose-less Akiha is adorable. >.> even though he wouldn't admit it in a million years

Edit: The whole reason I am posting like crazy on my LJ is because my time is not spent in other things (like RP.. my RP quotient went from hero to zero.. and so while the muses are taking a break. The LJ gets spazztic updating from me.. *evil laughter here -insert-*)
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