May 27th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Seven Days of Hyu~

I am presenting to you this week.

The Seven Days of Hyu!

Each day I am going to take one of my soul songs and I am going to expound on it/them. (Though maybe not each day).. just a little bit of why the song defines me in a personal way. The Daily Download is still going to be up and running (maybe) but I will not use the fancy banner or the whatnot to highlight my soul songs. These are just off the record, presenting songs that are somewhere buried deep down at my core. Listening to these songs, perhaps you'll have a deeper understanding of me. I don't know.

Life is a Distance by Beborn Beton

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"Life is a distance
And I walk it half way back
Sooner or later
My thoughts drifting backwards
The future is catching up
And I didn't notice anyway"

There is alot of songs that sort of define me by past expiriences, this was perhaps the song that was put on the close of the whole Kuro incident. It was watching the past and the future collide and carrying myself with it. Because last year was a definite closure on a part of my life that was perhaps a bit unhealthy. I think that was also the closure on my last little bit of romanticism and was replaced by a healthy cynacism where love was concerned. Not that I don't believe in love per se, but I think that it is a very powerful weapon and it is a weapon that shouldn't be given to just anyone. Like I am going to just up and give anyone the weapon that can surely destroy my heart. But then I am of the opinion that most people should pass an IQ test before they fall in love. (Terrible thought coming from me, really... I am sorry but it is the truth in my eyes). I think about the past alot, perhaps way too much then is good for me, but it is not the regrets that bring me down, not anymore. I will always look backward, but hopefully I'll keep walking forward.
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    Beborn Beton - Life is a Distance
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Public Service Announcement~

Hijitaka and Okita from Peacemaker Kurogane.. yes they are MARRIED.

I am amused by this. I actually love their dynamic and I am sure I will shortly have a ragging hard-on for that particular pairing.

Give me around five more episodes!