May 24th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~And then the morning comes~!

Wierd dreams.. but also really nice dreams.

I dreamt first that I had to go through this wierd AFFES initiation (AFFES is when the Military and Commercialism has babies.. i.e my weekend job). Where I had to be burned alive, or let the manager of HR burn me alive. Being that I am not her biggest fan ANYWAYS.. I was like. "rawr not doing it." but I ended up doing it anyways but pulling the cool card and escaping from my bonds before they could light the lighter fluid doused bed on fire.

Then Jin as retaliation took a torch to the AFFES National Library. Which usually goes against his code of ethics to burn books, but he said that he was going to pull the 'badass' card. He also got Chaos to help.

The AFFES National Library was in Paris. I escaped and then I talked to Mish who was ALSO in Paris. We made the agreement to meet at The Lourve, Versailles, Notre Dame and all that good stuff. We squealed too and then Mish said she wanted to dress up for me, and I sort of went awww.. and then she told me over the phone that I make things more fun. (yes, I know.. awww..). However in the dream Alexi wanted to do stuff too.. so I had to balance my time between the both of them. After seeing neuchwanstien with Alexi. (wtf was it doing in Paris though), I hoped in a taxi and went to meet Mish.

Then I woke up.

Tonight we go to the Japanese STEAK HOUSE! *poses* I love that place. It's awesome. I am going to get the tempura... because that is the yummiest thing ever. I am a tempura addict. >.> I might drink too.. but maybe not. Maybe if I take some tylenol before I will be able to have a glass of plum wine. Or maybe I will just stick to the iced tea.