May 20th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~I have lost my way.. I've been losing you~


Well I woke up, so I guess I shall start with some dream musing. I had a few very vivid dreams. And they all ran into each other, I really noticed no end to it. The first one was that Mish had been put into the hospital for something, and through the dream I was frantically running around the hospital trying to find out what was wrong with her.. but I was always aware that this was a dream so that is why I didn't dart up and call Mish in the middle of the night. I remember talking to her sisters in the dream. Then it went to my grandmother. It is funny how I get Alexi in my dreams alot of the time associated with my grandmother. Because we went to applebees and I swear that we were there.. Alexi, my grandmother and I. There was a piano at Applebees and the gay guy there. (a different one, even though I am quite certainly that Applebees in Boise is a mecca for gay guys.. or at least two of them). And he was on the piano and my grandmother got up and sang a little quirky song which got mad applause from the other diners. Then my cousin Nathan appears and we eat dinner, I guess we were waiting for him. Then I wake up.


I am supposed to go in there and wake Alexi up because we are going to go to breakfast. Today Caetline and Felicity fix up there house on DAOC. (so cute, I know) and I am going to see about downloading some anime. Nothing much.. oh yes and icons. I can't really do good anime bases, my realm of specialty is manga. It is really easy to manipulate manga bases to fit the background.. but it takes a little bit more work with anime.

I really need to make my way through Because quite honestly, I have other images to sift through that I won't allow til I nab all the images there. (Mish sent me a whole crapload)

Now to go wake him up. TEEHEE.

Oh yes, the thunder and lightening storm last night. It was the awesome!

Now what icon am I in the mood of using today.. *hmmms* Yes, the closest representation that I will get to Egypt!Hyu
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