May 16th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Another Day~

Today is Yo's birthday so I got her a birthday present and a cake.     Hurrah-bees. (did I actually just say that).    I have an email that I have to return to reizan but that will happen when I get back from work.    I am having a pretty good day..  except that I am increasingly finding that I need a Yakitate!Japan icon.    Except there is so much crack to that series that I wouldn't know where to start.  (Kuroyanagi?  Probably since he is my favorite character.   NO I DO NOT HAVE A KUROYANAGI MUSE! *shoves him into the pantry*  fennin, you did NOT see that!)

Tonight is hamburgers night.   Hamburgers and Sun Chips. (which is my healthy alternative to potato chips).     I have lost some weight due to my new very picky healthy lifestyle.   I am glad about this, though I've never been disatisfied with my weight, I've been very comfortable with myself for the longest time.

I would ponder DAOC but I know that it is keeps tonight, so I might have to finagle my way into playing DAOC tomorrow.   I sort of want to bash stuff.  >.>   What you say, shuufish

My current icon, the one on this entry is Zaphkiel from Angel Sanctuary.    My first text-less icon, because I feel that the expression on his face says it all.     I love Zaphkiel.   But then I love those good/evil ambiguous characters.    They are the ones most likely to whack me with the muse stick really hard.  (I also have a Kira, Uriel and Raphael. *teehee* Oh yes and Alexiel.. because well she's hot)

Okay, that was my random posting for the day.  *whee's*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered



Steal and DIE.

Sometimes I create companion icons for both myself and shuufish and so it remains. She will be the Gojyo to my Hakkai always and well.. Enough said. But feel free to admire the prettiness! *teehee*
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