May 15th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Bed, Bath and Beyond: FUCK YEAH!~

Finally got around to watch the two episode of Ouran Host Club that I've had hanging around on my harddrive. And both Alexi and I agree that the Twin Fight episode is the best ever. Even though Alexi protests that the twins are not gay. (though canonically one IS and is in fact in love with his own brother as is detailed in the manga). But yes, aww.. so cute. I love the twins. In fact all the characters grow on me, even Honey-Kun. (*was pwned by cuteness when Honey had his little spiel about the cupcake and strawberry*).

I have a feeling that someone in the Uzuki household needs to download Ouran and show it to the twin versions of Hyuga and Sigurd. Though I think it's more likely to be Yui who sits then down and tells them to watch the show. She would be like. "HERE THIS IS RELEVANT TO YOUR INTEREST!" and then wham. (I feel like I was just an AD for 4chan)

Hakkai-muse has been up and about, and Ukitake is making plans. (which I am pretty sure that goes in conjunction with a certain Shunsui muse). The muses have been taking the whole near month long smut drought and going "YAY ITS RAINING SMUT!" (which it is.. evidentally everyone is getting their fill until the next smut drought which happens more then enough.. but really I would rather have a smut drought then oh say RPing smut every single day for six months like I did with kurohyou)

At work, no more Stephanie. This is a good thing I think. Peace and quiet on the way to work... working with Yo and Jean once again. Ah, I am happy! And after work I go grocery shopping since it is payday. Now if only Hakkai and Hyuga will stop poking me in the brain with their cocks. >.> Then today would be utterly perfect. It's hard giving people money when on some level in your subconscious you are thinking about hot male-on-male action. Well at least there are no costumes or toys involved.

Have a good day everyone!
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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