May 11th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Hey pretty, don't you want to take a ride with me~

What happens when I sleep in Alexi's bed for the night without him in it. I have HET dreams. Yes, I dreamt I was making out with the leader of this online folder who just happened to be a prankster version of, oh gods what's his name, not Ewan McGregor.. but the guy who played the latest batman. ARGH (they were in Velvet Goldmine together..). But anyways it also happened to be at that one curio shop in Sault Ste Marie. In fact the entire dream happened in Sault Ste Marie and I remember going down to the Locks and passing by that huge Japanese Temple Entrance. He was stalking me online (but online was Sault Ste Marie) and then next thing I knew it was make out. I woke up, checked my cell watch and saw the time as 6:37, and I was like. "WHAT THE HELL"

To be giving me the girlsex plz. kthxbai.

Today is Taco Thursday. However considering how -slow- it has been all week, well I do not expect much. If it is busy, then well I think Stephanie has been lax all week. We'll see how that goes. (I'll probably end up pulling alot of her slack, but then I am used to that)

I am thinking of starting a Mokona is God icon set. I have enough icons of Mokona on a rock to last an age. And the icons would say such phrases as "Rejoice", "Sacrifice goes here" and "Praise Me!", well I think they could be popular. Ah, if God really were Mokona... I'd probably be more inclined to worship him.

This is a great song to start the morning off on. I can tell Jin is up. (This is a Jin song)

Also, I made this icon.. wanted it so badly so pimp_kitten said he would SHARE it with me. YAY! *rejoices like god*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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When Jeff was reading the application I submitted for promotion, he read over it and then he declared that I wrote like a Tech Sargeant. (Tsgt). That compliment made me inordinately happy for the mere fact that most Techs get bogged down in paperwork and EPRs and hence are pretty knowledgeable with the written word. So I have it in, now all there is to do is wait and see.

I am going to go take a nap. *stretches and yawns* I am so tired, damn hetero dreams.

Nothing against heteros.. just that my orientation being what it is.. those dreams squick me.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Take me to the next step and show me the way~

You know I realize how much I had forgotten about CLAMP until I went through pictures of it and realized I was pretty much familar with all of it's stories. And yes, I still think that Kendappa-oh is awesome and I still want to marry her dark skinned body guard. (RG-Veda). I had forgotten how gorgeous the artwork is, I really did. I also forgot that there are some original characters that I used CLAMP artwork for in Utopia Orbiting, The Valley of the Lunar Rainbow and Avalon. It made me think of the past and well, it was just very poignant. That is where my original characters became LIVING.

Ah but I digress. That was enough sapping from me. >.> I will have a Kendappa-oh icon. I promise. *coughs*
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