May 8th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~My Computer and I~

When I got sick, it seems as if Solaris got sick to (*for reference, Solaris is the name of my 400 GB hard drive). And so because of that.. Solaris managed to corrupt my Bleach folder.. which in turn corrupted most of the pictures folder. So I had to get rid of it and reformat the damn thing. Luckily I did not lose ANY music. (And that is what I should count myself extremely lucky for)

What I managed to retain.

1.) Icons I've made and Gradients. (I've lost my textures and the whatnot.. I can easily download that though.. >.>. That will put a major halt on soylent_icons updates though... at least until I manage to wrack up a better collection.)
2.) RPLOGS (more important that pictures)
3.) Writing Folder
4.) Wallpapers.

What I did lose. Oh just 47,000 pictures that I've collected. But I consider myself lucky, very lucky. Because pictures mean very little to me in the end, It is the music and RPing logs that were the ones that I had to save.. and save I did. But oh, my Bleach.. *sobs*