April 26th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Well here starts my four hour shifts at Pizza Etc. I end the week with Yo. (since she is working days right now, but next week she'll be working nights) and I will be essentially working with Stephanie alot. (-_-). But well life goes on and I will be able to handle it. I really do like Jeff and I rarely get to work with him. He's a bit lazy, but Suk and I can carry the both of us quite easily. Just let me manage the registers and Suk the grill. Jeff -does- pull his weight albeit a little slowly.

On saturday, Yo and I are going to go see Scary Movie 4. It will be me and Yo's first HANGING OUT day. For everyone saying this is a date, it isn't. Yo is perfectly straight but yes it is good for me to cultivate more friends outside of the computer, and well both Yo and I have tons of inside jokes. We always have fun when we work together... and both Yo and I have the sense of humor that MAKE this shift successful. Which in essence keeps the people coming back. Good food, warm smiles and blatantly teasing the customers. Really military people, they are masochistic.. they love to be teased. Oh how they laugh when Yo goes, "Hey Nia! CHARGE THEM TRIPLE"


Favorite customers rock.

This morning demands soda. I will probably leave early so I can GET a soda. I already mailed out Mish's package so I'm good to go on that front, and I think I may need to get the kittys some food from the BX because they are running out. *furrows* And a club sandwhich, a club sandwhich would be YUMMY. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. food.

After the coughing fit I expirienced, I definitely do need a soda.

Soda soda soda.

BTW shuufish.. you and Todd want to play DAOC tonight? If not that's alright, but I just wondered.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Now for another episode of Hyu's Favorite Pictures~

Just as last week's picture, this week's picture has none of the boobies. Once again it is a guy which is not so much of a bad thing. This picture is completely worksafe. (Unless you work in a Sunday School, to which I would ask you.. WHY ARE YOU SURFING LJ AT WORK?!?). There is a hint of skin but nothing too out there.

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