April 24th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Happy Calzones~

Two people deleted me today. One I have been wondering WHEN she was going to delete me. (really I have thought of this person as a pain for some close to 2 years) and the other one, I never really spoke to. This is alright because well life moves on and sometimes you have to (or want to) cut down on your FList to just keep everything down to something manageable. No hard feelings, perhaps a relief because it means no more random AIMs from this person telling me about the latest wank, and the other person.. well never got to know them.


Dear Umeda-muse,

Surprise, you are not a bitch when you are drunk! I bet you threw Akiha for a loop and he's wondering. "What is wrong with Senpai". It takes a fifth of rum to get you in a good mood. Check! I am keeping this for posterity and we will never let you forget this. Oh but you love us.. you know you do. -Love, your mun


Dear Nia,

I am never drinking again.



Ohohoho.. oh yes, today was an interesting day at Pizza Etc. Today Yo was FULL OF HATE. So much that every song that played she was like "I HATE THIS SONG" and then I would sing them to her because she hated them. However we did get our share of goofing off done. When yo was back there prepping calzone dough, she had to butter it up, and this is what I got a picture of because you know we at Mountain Home AFB Pizza Etc take our job 'oh so seriously'.

That's our Yo, the little artist.

That Calzone, it's happy because it's sunny. Too bad it was stuck in the freezer all day. It likes to be floppy and doughy.. because when it is floppy and doughy, it will be on the road to becoming a fine little calzone probably stuffed with pepperoni and cheese.
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