April 17th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Anime Season like W00t~

We are going out to get a new lawnmower and so that is why I am not on Yahoo *don't want to talk and then have to pick up and leave*. (not like anyone would miss me anyways since I never talk to hardly anyone). But I did download a few good series, and now I have to thoroughly and totally bite my ass with the fact that I do like this year's spring anime season.

Gakuen Heaven
Ouran Host Club
Strawberry Panic
Princess Princess

Really not to bad at all (I feel like I am leaving out a series). The only thing i have against Strawberry Panic is the very fact that the ending song, it's wonky. I don't want to see the artist SINGING the song, I want to see eyecatches of all the characters. (Especially Etoile-sama). Not to mention, they have horrid voices. But it is quality Yuri. I love how they are starting to have each season series that cater specifically toward those who like yuri, just like they cater to shounen-ai. (Oh Etoile sama.. it is like they took Sei and made her even hotter. -if that can be believed-.)

Ouran Host Club is het that I am actually quite fine with. It's cute and wibbly, the girl isn't annoying and it is making fun of fangirls. I am rooting for them just as much as I was rooting for Sano and Mizuki from HanaKimi.

NANA.. well I am seeing a potential yuri pairing between the two main characters.. but that would be totally in subtext only, since the non-rockstar NANA is very.. boy crazy. Hey it makes sense to me.

So yes, I am pleased with the anime season. And while I probably won't get a whole lot watched, I will try. (I am thinking that there will be many times when I will be left to my own devices this summer, so best to just stock up on anime so I won't be bored.) This is what Hyu always loves... NEW FANDOMS! (tentatively of course, though I can see myself really fagging over Strawberry Panic and Gakuen Heaven).

Hope you all are having a wonderful afternoon!
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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