April 11th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~So truly there is joy that I want to feel~

Work is always fun. It was nice to be back.

When I entered in, Yo jumped up and down and I swear you not she tackled me and told me that two weeks working with Stephanie was too much. So now, we do not have to worry about being seperated in work, which is good. (Because I like working with Yo, she's a geek like me) So we were making 'Yo skipped her med' jokes all during work, the customers were like, "YAY YOU ARE BACK" and essentially stroked my ego. There is a part of me, (I think it is the Leo in me) that wants to feel needed wherever I am. Needed, wanted and appreciated. So it was nice to enter in and see everyone.

It was all as it should of been at work, we put on BeeGees and danced around to 'staying alive' while I told Yo to take her clothes off for more tips. Then I showed her my tricked out car, then I came home. Really it has been a nice day, very productive. And so I do not feel guilty for sitting down to watch a few episodes of Tactics. I think that after today I've deserved it.

Also, I have leave plotted for the 5 - 8th of September. This is for our Disneyland Trip. This will naturally fall on my birthday and the days before the week I have off. Should leave us plenty of time to go to Disneyland, the Winchester Mystery House, the Trees of Mystery. I want to fit into this trip everything good that I felt about growing up. I want to rekindle the magic, it might be cheesy, but I think I need to get in touch with my childhood, the childhood before things turned sour on me. It's something that I think it is vital that I do, something is telling me that it is.

Now on to burning "Virtual Star Emrbyology" onto my computer. Yay for Utena music! (Some of the best music ever.. the chanting is the best)

I also have to make a muse disk. This oughta be fun. >.> *eyes the muse-box*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Valentine Day Kiss~

After listening to "Valentines Kiss' by Shishido and then the one by Oshitari.

I have to say that Shishido's version is the innocent version. Because Shishido is evidentally singing about ice cream and rollar skating in the park as opposed to Oshitari's sex in the back seat of his parent's car with the windows steamed up.

The audial differences of this song is VAST. Oshitari's voice is melty sex on a stick with vibrators and tongue. Hell I don't need sex, all I do is listen to his voice

Shishido's version: YAY PUPPIES!
Oshitari's version: YAY DO THAT AGAIN!!
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Keep thinking I lost something, but I could tell it was only you~

Gakuen Heaven - Episode 1#

Uploaded for shuufish, but now that she has it safely.. grab it if you want. A comment would be nice, but no one ever comments if they download my stuff so no worries. (I won't hate you if you don't comment.. I'll just be like.. "buuuuh.. where did the links go?"

I'm not re-uploading it except for in special instances.
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