April 7th, 2006

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How was I going to figure that when I briefly skimmed my Flist, there would be a majority of one type of theme that is spread all throughout the board...

Kingdom Hearts 2

I have only sort of skimmed though, because my brain lacks the power to skim over entries when I do not really have a whole lot of time to do them. (that and I'd rather been spending time with MishJen.) So I just graze over and see everything cut texts and icons and spoilers. Hurrah. I am not even sure if I am going to get the game, the only thing that would motivate me is the fact that it has Setzer Gabbiani in it and he happens to be my favorite FF6 character.

I might go Angel Sanctuary on everyone's ass. Now I have seriously started reading that, wow it is fucked up. But here are my favorite characters.

1.) Zaphkiel (was there any doubt?)
2.) Uriel (Mmm Guardian angel of the dead, reminds me slightly of Hyuga)
3.) Arachne. (love love love love love him in all his transexual hearts)
4.) Kira (Come on.. I love Kira too.)
5.) Alexiel. (Oh gods, I would so hit that. >.>)
6.) Katan (I strangely feel sorry for him.. but I love how Rosiel figures out that he -does- need Katan)
7.) Raphael (because womanizers are fun..)
8.) Kurai (Loli!Bait!)
9.) The Mad Hatter (Teehee)

Pairings are varied but I -do- have them *thudthud* Not revealing them though, not yet.
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