March 4th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Happy people in the house...~

I dreamt right before I got up of j-rockers on QVC having everything but sex in order to get you to buy their stuff. I mean it was some pretty heavy making out.

And I'm like. "WTF muses.. are you trying to punish me?" (because really the last thing I want to see in my dreams are scrawny japanese men making out.. and that is the absolute truth). Now if the muses had really wanted to make themselves helpful, they would of given me some hot Jin on Chaos action, Fei on Citan or Hyuga on Sigurd. But strangely enough I think I was hooked into Jin's porn collection. I wonder if he was watching QVC this morning. Does he even -watch- QVC? (CHECK TO SEE IF THEIR ARE ASIAN GUYS ON QVC MAKING OUT..!~ maybe it is QVC for perverted bisexual muses? in which case the women will not be so far off.. why the hell did I change that channel?
I woke up and I am hung over note: I didn't even drink. I remember waking up when I heard Alexi's alarm go off all across the house, because I heard words and I was wondering if the house alarm started talking or something. It was very surreal. It only gives me pause to realize that if a ghost -did- ever come visit me in my room, they would have an easy time of getting me to see them if they catch me in the right mood. Last night was the 'lightly' sleeping night.
Speaking of ghosts, March 9th will be my grandmother's birthday. This is special to me in a way. Me and my grandmother used to make a big deal over the fact that her half birthday was my birthday and my half birthday was her birthday. (september 9/march 9) So I might make a cake for that day or something like that. I still celebrate my grandmother even after she has passed on, as she was one of the most important people in my life. I was devestated when she died, but now.. I guess she was in pain, it is the loosing that really sucks, but after awhile you realize that they are probably in a better place.
These subject seperators are so that I don't go off on tangents. I have a habit of doing that if I write out exactly what I think point blank. These little seperators help me from making a complete mess of my post. .. sometimes I think that I am the Queen of Random-ness. *heh's* That would probably be truth though.
P.S: This song is my new crack. *heh's* I love it. Ishikawa Hideo is ranking up there as Seiyuu now. He and Toshiyuki hit the high note in this song that just makes me MELT.. melt I tell you.

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Ficcage: Shunsui/Ukitake~

Title: ~Loss and Gain~
Author: jyuufish
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Shunsui/Ukitake
Rating: PG-13.. maybe a bit of mild angst.. but not too bad, there is that underlying feeling of hope too.
Comemnts: I was listening to the song "Cherish the Love" by Kool and the Gang and this one came to me. I sometimes get really strong images that I have to follow through with. And this just unfolded for me. I could sense the poignancy. Perhaps it is a little bit AU, I am not even sure if mermaids -exist- in the world of Bleach, but just for continuity's sake, I shall say that they do. Cookies goes to anyone who can guess the conclusion that I came upon after writing it. Not beta'd because I am a lazy git. And well forgive the wierdness.. because it -is- wierd. I do not take an complaints at this, direct it toward my Ukitake muse who is now happily sucking on Squid-on-a-Stick.

"Let's take a walk together near the ocean shore.. hand in hand, you and I"

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