March 1st, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Draining from my heart, each and every day~

After long last ques_nova deleted me. Really I do not know what her purpose was with adding me in the first place except that I am friends with xerne, though it seems she adds friend of friend's quite a bit. But I did the decent thing and deleted her right back. If someone deletes me I always do the honorable thing and reciprocate.

I also want to warn everyone that my mood comes and goes in splurts and will keep coming and going faster then a fifteen year old boy's cock for probably another week. Yesterday afternoon I was 'bleah', but yesterday evening mood much improved thanks to long discussions with both shuufish and fennin (and Umeda muse who I can rely on to be nice and bitter like dark chocolate.. with his grumpy attitude, he sort of busts me out of my own moods). But well that is my situation right now. But hey I have the plane ticket. *whee's* And for everyone's information I will be going to Michigan to visit Mish. So that is for all the questions that were asked.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~I did not plan on being internationally humilated that day..~

So the hour and a half leading up to the Fire Training was REALLY fun. Both Yo and I get off work at 2.. and so we had an hour to waste until Fire Safety Training. Me and Yo get along really well, we are the terrible twosome at Pizza Etc. So we both went back into the Bar area to watch TV since there are three TVs back there. What we caught was a bit of 10 Years Younger (Damone! <3) and then once I got to squeal over how gorgeous Damone was, we turned it to VH1 where we watched "The 40 Most Awesomely Bad Love Songs" and I just want to reassure pimp_kitten that Darren Hayes DID make the list.. (that will make him smile methinks). Most of the bad love songs were from the 80s, but that is only because the songs were just TOO bad in that area. (cheesy and bad.. but somehow that is their charm.. Air Supply was dubbed at #2 as the most AWESOMELY BAD GROUP. *heh's*)

Then came the VH1 "Behind the Music: George Michael" special where I found out my quote of the day.

"I did not plan on being internationally humiliated that day" and I kept repeating it over and over much to the laughter of my co-workers. Me and Yo kept repeating it to each other, really me and Yo are really like sisters

But second place came to "Zip me up before you go-go"

Today George Michael is my most favorite person EVER.

Oh yes, Alexi... if you are reading this (and you no doubt are). I am going to make something for you and then store it in tupperware so that you can have it when you get home. Alright? *hugs*

Now to do alot of things that I should of done yesterday, like clean. *mrowrs*