February 24th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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I couldn't sleep so I am doing something lame like reformating soylent_icons. I am at the very least revising the index page and polishing up the entries with the icons, I am dividing them now and essentially -doing- something- with the organization. Because you know, I want to be motivated to do awesomepants icons. I will be looking for more affiliates eventually as well.

Ugh, maybe I should try to sleep.. I hate times like these. *ughs*
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Now as I lay me down to sleep.. this I pray.. that you will hold me dear~

I am awake but I did not sleep very well. (Usually I am a championship sleeper) but it took me forever to get to sleep because I was questioning my own mortality. I hate that, I hate thinking to when I -too- will die... and not being in control of that. That is why I dislike surprises so much, that is probably why I read spoilers for series and anime, because I hate the feeling of not knowing what is going to happen.. Life is like that, and it wrecks havoc on virgoean minds methinks.

I did not exactly dream, but I remember that I had a cat by my side all the time during the night, I think they were taking turns watching over me or something. pimp_kitten offered to let me sleep in his bed and yes that was a very nice offer and I probably would of taken him up on it, the mundane kept me from doing that. Even though I am grieving in my own way, I still subscribe to the practical. (I had my alarm set in my room already and I can't hit the snooze on the cell phone alarm, and I HATE Alexi's alarm clock with a bloody passion. *even though I really did not NEED the snooze this morning*)

The Soylent Index

That is what I am doing with soylent_icons so if you suddenly find yourself spammed with individual fandom icon postings, well just thank the gods I cut-text it. (the table is huge). This is to movitate myself to make more icons. And to do that, I was getting tired of the way I pasted ALL the icons on one page. This will clear up alot of confusion I think.
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