February 23rd, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~There's nothing I can do.. a total eclipse of the heart~

Ukitake-muse is a little bit subdued and solemn this morning, reminding me of the fact that he is never silly and laughing all the time. When push comes to shove he becomes the epitome of solemnity. I think he was concerned by Shunsui-muse especially after last night's talk. But he is better now, he though has decided he wants to go to his room and be alone for a little while. That means that I'll probably have Jin joining me. (always fun, the Jin-ness.) Either one has to keep me occupied at work or else I am liable to be impatient with the customers.

I had a nice dream which I was forced all too soon to wake up from. Hint, it involved GIRLSEX. I have never had such an urge to morning wank *coughs* But if I had done that, I would so of fallen asleep again. (orgasms make me tired)

I also have been converting more images packs to brushes, which is STILL a pain in the ass. But it'll get done eventually. Then I can go on to making more icons with impunity.

Really, I have nothing to say.

My choice in icons came because the song it was based on came on. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is a wonderful song and I do not know why I consider it a Remus Lupin song, I think it is because when I think Eclispses, I think moon, and it was the natural progression I suppose. He has not been out in a while, but he is never out before or after a full moon, he is hte muse that aquires strength with the moon.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Light a candle, lay flowers at the door...~

A woman I considered to be my surrougate grandmother passed away tonight.

She reminded me of my own grandmother. When I met her I got that very impression. She was vibrant, sparkling and full of life. And she came at a time when I was still hurting from when my grandmother had passed away.

Wanda will be missed. I loved her alot.