January 13th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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2.) I made it back safely
3.) In the process I puked my guts out.
oh yeah, I forgot 1.) But I don't think I have a one. Hmmm.. more later. I have been up all night puking and driving. No one bother me for the next couple of hours.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Trip to Montana~

Well here I am in Great Falls MT, and it is a whole lot of fun. The drive on the way up there is always really interesting. I started the drive with two double shot expressos and an MP3 cd full of music that I could sing at the top of my lungs. (Alexi had earplugs and so he was completely oblivious to my ear-splitting singing.). The muses for the most part kept me company and the drive was actually fairly decent. There was little to no stormy weather, perhaps a little bit near Lima, MT but I was concentrating and I refused to be detered. I started the drive at 12:30 AM and I stopped driving at 6:30 am in Dillon MT. Then I let Alexi take the wheel through the truly mountainous driving.

We got in to Great Falls around 9:30 am and arrived at the house around 10 am. That left us alot of time to sit down to watch TV before Alexi's parents got home. We ended up watching on TLC, "What not to Wear" and "10 Years Younger". The latter show became my favorite because of Damone. (Yes Damon inspires much giggling). I ended up doing a nap because around 8:30 that same morning Jin woke me up because his and Chaos's song was playing. So there went sleep for me. When I woke up though, I was rather refreshed and could finally enjoy dinner. (I am a distance driver, but that is assuming I get the requisite eight hours of sleep before I head out on the road.) Then we sat down and watched some sort of movie, oh yes, Spiderman. And I went to bed afterwards because I was rather tired.

Next morning was the shopping day for us. Once we watched "10 years younger", we went to Planet Earth to stock up on green tea and amber stuff. (That is a scent that I associate with Hyuga/Sigurd. However Jin/Chaos and Citan/Fei scents were born during this trip as well. >.>). I even got an address book which I will be transferring various addresses I have to it. (and I have alot). Then we went to the candy shop, and then after that the Beargrass Grill. (which had an awesome burger)

After that we went to Barnes and Nobles were we picked up the 14th (last) volume of Love Hina and two volumes of Legal Drug that I did not have. (Kakei/Saiga is definitely the win in my book). I sniffled over the last volumes of Love Hina and I was very happy with how it turned out. (And Su/Motoko, my absolute favorite pairing from that series.)

We came home and I got to play with some really cute kids, watching Alexi get pwned by a 3 year old was especially fun. He made me call him sinbad, the kid not Alexi. We went orc hunting and I am amazed at how well I get along with children. (Even though I do not profess to wanting any). The evening was ended with us watching Spiderman 2.. except I went to bed early because I was so very tired.

Wednesday we went Car browsing and ended up buying a CAR. Yes, Alexi now has a Buick Caddillac DeVille. AKA Grandpa car AKA Pimp Car. So that meant we would have to drive back to Mountain Home with a NEW CAR. (BUT YES THE YGGSDRASIL IS MINE.. AHAHAHA *spazzes* *pets it's shiny goldness*)

Thursday I slept in as much as I could, knowing that I would have to drive later on the way back. We headed around town to get his loan stuff done then we stopped at the best institution known to man, the institution known as Hastings and I was tempted to buy Kyou Kara Maou. (Talyn, if you see KKM there at the Hastings in Boise, TELL me because it was kinda cheap). Then we returned, hung out with his mother then when his father came home, we all went for Chinese. (Oh believe me this factors in later).

After that we headed out, not getting a start out until around nine pm. The first half of the trip was very good. From Great Falls to Dillon it was very good and went smoothly, but once we touched down in Idaho Falls, it basically back tracked on us. I started getting sick to my stomach and Alexi started getting sleepy. We -tried- to stop in Idaho Falls in order to get some sleep, just an hour or so, however that was not working, my stomach would not let me sleep and Alexi was too buzzed on Caffiene pills and so finally we opted to see if we could make it to Twin Falls. But we did not. We stopped at something called "Red Rock Flats" and I ended up puking my guts out at the side of the road. That was when we opted to stay in Burly until the 11 o' clock check-out. I left more of my insides in Burley and didn't end up getting ANY sleep. But by the time daylight hit I was completely empty and lucid if a bit mechanical. So we ended up heading through Twin Falls and finally to Mountain Home. I was chock full of powerade, gods bless the strong electrolytes that kept me from getting dehydrated. And most of my road rage had degenereated into something that was weak at best, so I could only grumble semi-grumpily at cars that were being masters of ass-hattery. When I got home, after I moved fics from Alexi's computer to mine, I plopped myself in the shower and then I plopped into bed where I had cats sprawled all over me. That was bliss.

And now here I am. Meh.

Well I am wondering if I should chance food now.