January 7th, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~A Tribute~

darth_gigee. I love you alot. When I came down to visit fennin, uzukisaru amd hemisphere, I thought you were the most awsome cat ever. And you are. (don't tell Shaoran, he might kick my ass for that.) But you know what. You will be missed. I love you babe, keep plotting evil and send me a bit of it, will you. (You can kick my ass if you want too >.>)

-Darth Sigurd (aka) Hyu
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~I want to live like animals, careless and free~

Today I got to visit with duokinneas and destry which was also fun.. and who can also dispell the rumor that I am of the age of '45' years old. As I doubt 17 year old girls would want to be accompanied by a 45 year old unless they were their mom.. So yes, there you go, the proof is in the pudding. And no they are not one of my 'alternate' personalities I hope you will know. Ever so often when I try to say that I did things with real people, other people have said that it was one of my 'other' personalities.

Evidentally fennin, hemisphere, uzukisaru and others are also part of my 'ssytem'. (Well if that is the case, I gotta thank my stars that I have such awesome personalities.. you know?).

But today's highlight was saying 'cockblock' in the middle of the Baskin Robbins at the Mall. I did not bring Xenogears/saga except for 3 times. Which Talyn and Jessalyn proclaimed a record for me. However I could not get the words 'yuri' from popping up.

This will not be too long because I guess I am just glad that Talyn and I got to be able to go out to do things and it was not awkward at all. That is a wonderful thing and I felt completely comfortable. We were not hitting on each other like last time, but I think we've come to realize that there is that line that we should not cross, and besides.. truthfully, I've learned not to hit on 17 year olds. (And with due reason). I did mature alot last year, of this I realize and hopefully it showed quite a bit. (But I am still my crazy self, yo!)

So yes I had alot of fun, I picked up some Manga. (WILD ROCK.. W00t!) Mostly the first volume of X (to see if I like it) and volume 13 of Love Hina, a volume of Yami no Matsuei and then finally a volume of Tsubasa" Reservoir Chronicles. Fun stuff indeed. That will be reading for when I am in Great Falls. I am hoping to get volume 14 of Love Hina soon. (as well as my 5th volume of HANAKIMI!). Ah, a yo ho ho.. a fandom's life for me.

Also, Yorichi/Soi for the WIN! And I knew that shuufish would like Shunsei, I just knew it.
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