January 3rd, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Hacked once again.. this time AIM style~

Someone hacked into my AIM account and left all sorts of screennames like fagh8ter and godseesyou and whatever the else they added to my account.. how amusing. How -very- amusing. Some people are truly pathetic.

They also did this with Geisha Memorias.. but I don't think they did it with my old accounts.

Edit: I know who did it.. because this just happens to be the anniversary of when I broke up with Kuro and supposedly caused her road to destruction. As I recall there are only one or two people I submitted my address to. Among them is Kuro and her mother. That explains the bibles and the mormons being sent to my house. I also remember giving Kuro my password at one time or another in order to log into my account to do some updating when I was net-less... (which I realize was a bad mistake.) But wait. If someone has my address and my passwords and it was Kuro... does it mean that? Oh perhaps I should just stop this line of thought, hmm?

Whatever it is, they tried to delete shitan, uzuki_style (I still haven't changed the user info on that thing) and darth_sigurd.

Edit: After that little thing you left in Jin Memorias. I KNOW it is you, Marianne. I have valid enough reason to pin it down on you because only you would call me a slum bitch and only you would change my friends to "Memories of the Chaos You Wrought with your Selfish Hands". I know you are angry about your daughter, but you know what. NOT MY FAULT. I was NEVER responsible for your daughters emotional well-being. THAT WAS HER OWN RESPONSIBILITY. I am not going to tear myself up about it. DO YOU KNOW WHY I AM NOT GOING TO TEAR MYSELF UP ABOUT IT. BECAUSE YOUR DAUGHTER BROKE UP WITH ME, AND THEREFORE WHEN SHE CUT HERSELF OUT OF MY LIFE, I DID THE -SANE- THING AND CUT MYSELF OUT OF HER LIFE. It was SANE. It was LOGICAL. I will make no excuses for how the whole situation panned out.

I think it was YOUR fault for being such a lousy mother. You played into her emo moments, you babied her like my grandmother did to me. YOU CUT HER WINGS. Not I.. You made her so reliant upon yourself and your DEAD END situation. You do not see the truth, but it is the truth. If I had a mother like you.. I DEFINITELY WOULD KILL MYSELF.

You think that what I am saying is not fair. Well I am sick of dealing with you. I am utterly sick. I have moved on with my life. And I am at peace with myself, which is more then I can say for you if you resort to such petty shit in order to make yourself feel better.

I hold no ill feelings toward Kuro, I feel sadness and pity for her now. But you. No, never you. I don't hate you, and I won't wish any curses on you.. I think that the life that you are living now is enough payment for you for a lifetime.

/evil bitch*
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


kurohyou.. I -am- over you.

Thank you for faking your death. You -have- taken a rather big burden off of my heart. It has also proven to me several things.. so you have gotten that off your heart. You can do whatever you want now. I feel no regret. And you obviously have not been reading my journal as well as you think. Me angsty and emo. There are alot of things that you are not clear about. But it does not matter. Have a nice life Kuro, you and your mother. Hate me, I don't care because you've killed every bit of regard that was in me for you.

That's all I am going to say on the matter. It's over and done with, any comments and the whatnot can be directed to this thread, because I am not going to bring the wank anywhere outside the circle of these two posts that I've made.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~America.. fuck yeah.. coming again to say the mother-fucking day~

Which reminds me.

I lost all of the names on my AIM account.. so if you still want to keep in contact.. just give me an AIM. I'm only adding people to the list that message me because I have too many people on my FList to sporadically go through and add every one.


Don't worry about me guys,I am okay. Thank you all for your wonderful support and sympathy, you guys gave me alot of faith and hope. Your words touch and honor me. I realized that I don't have to say anything else. So I am going to put it all behind me and move on, exactly what I have been doing all of last year.

Oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY kaitou_marina

Oh yes, I also have dubbed shuufish loli-bait. We shall be in the garage with her lolipop and my camera. *snickers*

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