January 2nd, 2006

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Created by Hyu, a meme~

Fandom Meme of 2005

First Fandom of 2005: That would have to be Gankutsou. When I was getting over my breakup, I launched myself into Gankutsou and watched most of it that was out, then waited eagerly for it to translate.
Favorite Main Character of 2005: Dr. Tenma from Monster. Because come on, he just about fucking pwns, and I have a fatal weakness for doctors. And it might not seem like it but Monster made a very deep impression on me.
Favorite Villian of 2005: The Count/Edmond Dantes. He got me to read the actual book instead of relying on the anime.
Favorite Video Game Character of 2005: Jin Uzuki, hands down. He was a muse that popped up around January.. and I have not been able to get rid of him.
Favorite Game of 2005: Xenosaga II.
Favorite Japanese Composer of 2005: Yuki Kaijura. Her stuff really grew on me considering it's like EVERYWHERE.
Favorite Yaoi of 2005: Antique Bakery, that left a very sweet taste in my mouth.
Favorite Yuri of 2005: Mai-Hime. Pretty girls EVERYWHERE.
Favorite Yuri Couple of 2005: Kouya/Yamato from Loveless. I love them to death.
Favorite Yaoi Couple of 2005: Sigurd/Hyuga, Citan/Fei and Jin/Chaos. Because let's face it. We like it alot.
Favorite Het Couple of 2005: Akira/Takumi from Mai Hime. Teehee.. so cute.
Fandom that You Never Expected to Get Into: Mai Hime. I really did not expect to like it as much as I did. And needless to say I watched all of it in the course of two weeks.
Fandom that Made an Unexpected Come-back: I quit watching Bleach for a while, and then suddenly I watched it all again. HOT DAMN.
Fandom that Inspired the Most Crack: I think I will be shot, but I'll have to say Monster. (INSPECTOR LUNGE / TYPEWRITER OTP!!! and Johan prancing around in a dress singing I feel pretty.. yes much crack.
Last Fandom of 2005: Yakitate!! Japan. It just NABBED me.