December 30th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Dream dream dreams~

I had a dream about the Uzuki Residence, my grandmother and Mish.   In it we were visiting the Uzuki Residence and Mish happened to be there.   And for some reason I was jealous because my grandmother was taking all my friends away.  (Which doesn't make sense, though I know Saru, Emily, Boss and Mish would of loved my grandmother to death had they known her..  all of my high school friends did).     However what did end up happening was my grandmother went to bed early, I threw myself against a mirrored wall and then I went in to see Boss's room, and she had android maids EVERYWHERE.. and her room was huge and filled with evangelion/Xenogears models.   I almost didn't want to come out.   But I did so that I could cuddle on the couch with Mish and Shaoran.

Wierd dreams like woah.

Now to make the snowy trip up to Boise. *mrrhs*