December 28th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Guardian Angel: A Fic-Bit~

Title: Guardian Angel
Author: Hyu or jyuufish
Challenge: Dressing up
Game: Xenogears
Comments: Well this came to my mind as I was thinking of what I could do to write for this. It seemed almost natural. Notes for an original character that is apart of my mental canon for the Nisan Era, just before the War of Diabolos. No male/male warning this time. But there is a cuteness warning. Written for xenodrabbles


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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Friend's List~

Number between 1 and 3157 please!

This is for the Daily Download!

If you've picked in the past couple of months, then you are not applicable
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Daily Download: Buck-Tick~

Title: Glamorous by Buck-Tick (YouSendIt)
Genre: J-rock
Requestee: rhapsodisiac (Thank you!)
You like this Artist/Group, you'll probably like: La'Cryma Christi. (this is just judging from my taste. >.>

Comments: Now everyone knows that usually I find Jrock to be a bit meh for me. I went through my little Jrock stage a few years back. But there is something very melodiac about Buck-Tick that draws me back. Just like La'Cryma Christi. (And Malice Mizer..). This is one of my favorite Buck-Tick song (along with "Dress"). I think this is due to the fact that sweet_flesh sent me the video of Atsushi to the song which was incredibly hot. Yes, Atsushi and Klaha could come and visit my hood anytime. (Oh yes and Hiro from La'Cryma Christi). If you are iffy about Jrock and don't normally like it, just give it a listen. You might like it. (and if you don't.. well you don't. Jrock isn't for everyone.

Notable (Favorite) Lyrics: | N/A |

Remember if you download, then by all means comment to tell me you nabbed it, and if by any chance it says that the link expired or is broken, then prod me in comments so that I can re-upload it. *hint: I also like to hear reactions to the songs that you download*

Previous Downloads

Note: I will only re-up those which are on the most current version of the daily download. Once the link disappears, no more re-upping it until the next time it is chosen in a daily download. So be sure to grab all links while they are hot. ^_^

--Once again suckage is emminent--
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Okay.. baaaaaaa I'm a ship.. *stolen from a_concoction

Name a fandom (name a few if you want) you know I know and I'll tell you:
1. The first character/person I first fell in love with
2. The character/person I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character/person everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character/person I love that everyone else hates
5. The character/person I used to love but don't any longer
6. The character/person I would shag anytime
7. The character/person I'd want to be like
8. The character/person I'd slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise


Harry Potter
Mai Hime
Mai Otome
Sailor Moon
Yami no Matsuei
Fruits Basket
Harukanaru Toki no Naka De
Prince of Tennis
Chrono Trigger
Full Metal Alchemist
Mercedes Lackey (Valdemar)
Maria-Sama ga Miteru
Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Suikoden (all games)
Fushigi Yuugi
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