December 7th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Note to LJ~

Dear LJ,

If you mailed out my comments on time, maybe I wouldn't HAVE to spend like 30 minutes clearing all the held up comments out of my email box, eh?

No love, Hyu
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Broken mirror.. a million shades of light~

I was weak and I bought two Xenogears Doujinshi.. I also paid for Mish's christmas present. I got one that was Bart centric entitled "Parapa" and then I bought one that had Citan and Fei on the cover that said "Red". Nothing Sigurd and Hyuga centric, but well I figure I will have pictures of both of them to add to individual collections. *teehee* I also have to scan in the other doujinshi I got a few weeks ago. The one that has Hyuga wearing the ribbons. *giggles* Oh but I shall do that.

Xenogears is my crack. Forever and ever.

Both Mish and I were discussing Xenogears and why exactly we are so stuck up on it. I don't know, but that fandom for me never gets old. Ever.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Setzer rambling and ranting~

The Setzer love is amazing.

He was my first RP muse. He's just woke up after a two year soujourn. Just wow.

So much love for Setzer.

Glad to see the Setzer love. ^_^

You guys rock.

Though myself and fennin are waiting for the people who see Setzer (KH), never having played the original game and go "OMG SETZER LOOKS DARK AND HANDSOME AND SLIGHTLY SINISTER.. OMG I LOVE HIM.. BUTTSECKS HIM!"


Frankly, Setzer is anything -but- Emo. He is like Gippal, except less hyper and more pimpish.

Don't let that badass cloak fool you.. he is not emo.


"What is the most important thing in life? To be free of obligations.. otherwise you lose your ability to gamble" - Setzer Gabbiani, FFVI


The skulls on his belt, it's non-relevant to my point.

So for you new people to the FFVI love. Setzer < Emo. Tall, Bishounen and Handsome.. try Reckless, Wild and Rakish.
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