November 12th, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Episode 13 of Mai-Hime is fucked up. I felt sorry for little Shiho.

As it stands. Since the anime is blocked and I am getting very few comments that are not proportional to the uploads.. THEREFORE I want the people who -want- to follow the series as I upload it to comment here, I will instate them into a special filter so that they may download as they wish.

So far the people in the filter are...


I included them for the mere fact that they commented on the last episode.. they are there by default.

Anyone else who wants to be included in the filter, comment.

Also paulafrom2son, if you want to reach me via AIM, I will send you the second episode of Mai-Hime. Alright!

Sorry guys, but I am going to be a bitch and do this. I don't ask for comments on music (even though it's nice) because the music takes me what.. 2 minutes to upload. No biggie, I'll live, but comments on anime are required when I do upload so that I can figure out downloading and the whatnot. *not to mention it is time consuming for myself* */bitch*

Whoever thinks I am being unreasonable can bite me and I am not apologizing for saying that.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Daily Download: Delerium feat Sarah McLachlan~

Title: Silence by Delerium feat Sarah McLachlan (YouSendIt)
Genre: Ambient, New Age
You like this Artist/Group, you'll probably like: Delerium, Anggun, (I know there are artists.. if anyone can give me similar artists, I'd be happy.
Comments: This summer, I went through a BIG ambient phase, I'm still not over it. I like mystical sounding songs with awesome lyrics, chanting is also a plus. Songs like these make me want to start writing songfics again. But I've tapered on songfics for the time being. I think it is because when I went out with kurohyou I got burnt out on them. This song is awesome because well Sarah McLachlan is singing the song. I think that severjna has it right, that this song is just absolutely gorgeous and if you are a fan of Sarah McLachlan, you SHOULD download it. And if you like this song, you should also download some of Delerium's stuff. It's great, every bit of it.

Notable (Favorite) Lyrics: | Passion chokes the flower until she cries no more.. possessing all the beauty, hungry still for more. |

Remember if you download, then by all means comment to tell me you nabbed it, and if by any chance it says that the link expired or is broken, then prod me in comments so that I can re-upload it. *hint: I also like to hear reactions to the songs that you download*

Previous Downloads

Note: I will only re-up those which are on the most current version of the daily download. Once the link disappears, no more re-upping it until the next time it is chosen in a daily download. So be sure to grab all links while they are hot. ^_^

Monday - Greensleeves by Loreena McKennitt
Thursday - Lahan from Xenogears Creid
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~To Do List~

Stuff to get Done Tonight

1.) Screencap more Mai-Hime
2.) Crank out November/December Daily Download Banner (The poster boy for the next download is HAPPY that he got chosen) *I will unveil this the next Daily Download*
3.) More Citan/Hyuga icons for squenix100
4.) Mood Theme (One day I will get this done)
5.) Write something, anything for shitan
6.) Read more Saiyuki
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~It's a small world after all~

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan!


Okay I am done now.

The song playing when I browsed AnimeSuki and saw that.. it does not bode well. (being the main character is Loli-bait)
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(no subject)

Hi! Hyu is drunk.

Say something funny.. amuse me!

I love you all. *squee*

P.S I just had an interesting conversation on the differences between Saiyuki and Weiss.. and why I like Saiyuki and not Weiss. I think that makes me a blasphemer/