November 2nd, 2005

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


It's really bad to be laughing at the expense of someone else, but in this situation, it cannot be helped. *just dies laughing*

Direct quote from conversation.

"Oops, I did a rainbow in my pants"

That is majesty.. pure majesty. Only like two people will get this though.

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~You were lost out in the desert....~

My next icon.. will be of the "1000 Master" from Negima.. with the words "PIMP" on it. Because The Thousand Master has the mad pimpin' skillz. Surrounded by all those girls.

And why are most of my icons now just snarky. I need a serious icon. >.> I have not made a serious icon in weeks. >.> But I just haven't been in an emo mood.


Alright, I might have to shoot myself now. But before I do that, I need to finish my screencapping of episode eight of Negima. The sooner I get that done, the sooner I can start watching some Mai Hime. BECAUSE THIS LESBIAN NEEDS GIRLS!
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Why'd you leave the keys upon the table.. YOU WANTED TO!~

I am right now downloading the first episode of Mai Hime at the insistance of many people. So the verdict will be in soon as to how I like it. We can blame this on my Bouton and Chibi-Wing.

You know, this song.. I remember hearing the original song set to a Xenogears AMV.

Ah, I love that my mind links back to Xenogears naturally. it's like the call center that my brain is automatically rewired to.
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Daily Download: Republica~

Title: Ready to Go by Republica (YouSendIt)
Genre: Girl-Alternative
You like this Artist/Group, you'll probably like: Garbage. Because really I see Republica as being a more electronic version of Garbage
Comments: I remember seeing this music video on MTV a long time ago. But I sort of forgot about it until one day passionfire mentioned it and then I was like. "Wait a minute, I have not heard that song in a LONG LONG LONG time." So I went and downloaded it on a whim. And I realized just how addictive this song. It is a great motivational song, very uplifting, and very.. I suppose girl-powerish. (I like girl power.. *drools* Mmm spice girls). I definitely suggest this if you want a song to listen to that will brighten your day without being cloyingly cute and sweet. Give it a listen. You might be surprised that you actually like it. (Of course knowing the people on my FList.. they probably HAVE this song already.)

Notable (Favorite) Lyrics: | It's a crack, I'm back... yeah I'm standing on the rooftops shouting out, 'Baby I'm ready to go.. I'm back.. I'm ready to go' |

Remember if you download, then by all means comment to tell me you nabbed it, and if by any chance it says that the link expired or is broken, then prod me in comments so that I can re-upload it. *hint: I also like to hear reactions to the songs that you download*

Previous Downloads

Note: I will only re-up those which are on the most current version of the daily download. Once the link disappears, no more re-upping it until the next time it is chosen in a daily download. So be sure to grab all links while they are hot. ^_^

*Yup.. still sucking*
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Muse Birthday Shout-Out~

Okay, because I forgot and Mish -just- reminded me.

I would like to wish Hyuga, one of my muses a very BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY. His birthday being the 28th of October. Luckily he is not going to kill me. I thought he was but evidentally he and Sigurd had some sort of private birthday party that we muns were not invited to.



Thank you for not killing me... *hides*

Believe me, I do not want to be on the recieving end of Hyuga's Scorpio Temperment.

I wonder what Sigurd got him for his birthday. I doubt he'll tell me that, it was probably something kinky.
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